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How can I use TouchID for authentication in my app?

February 18th, 2015 | by BTC News
How can I use TouchID for authentication in my app?

iOS Engineer Chris Gibbs discusses how to incorporate TouchID into your app for authentication. Download the sample code titled “KeychainTouchID: Using Touch…


Description: 1Pal is an addon for 1Password that allows you to store the Master Password in the keychain and lock down the 1Password app with Touch ID for fa…
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  1. avatar wolfusa2002 says:

    One iOS 8 one password allows u to use Touch ID with it no jailbreak

  2. avatar Sentry says:

    @0:32 I thought you said the tweak was (appropriately) named ‘ONE POW’.

    I am disappoint.

  3. avatar GMUSIK805 says:

    Wintrerboard is now ios 7 compatible will u make a top 5 ios 7 themes

  4. avatar Juliano Neu says:

    Very cool! Downloading …

  5. avatar jonathan jonathan102000 says:
  6. avatar SmAW1337 says:

    iTouchSecure does the same thing and much more. Was just released yesterday
    and can save passwords for all apps within the keychain. And it also uses
    TouchID of course.

  7. avatar Paulo Tugonon says:

    Cool! 1 fingerprint required to open private apps.

  8. avatar Vinnie KeepsItReal says:

    how did you get classic switcher? please let me know i really want it,
    would much appreciate it:)

  9. avatar kawsarahmad says:


  10. avatar FloOow zl says:

    Ke tal marciano sube el tweak de cydia de Airblue sharing en tu repo

  11. avatar Photoshopuzr says:

    I use to use 1password but not until it failed me, datavault is coming with
    something like this in there update. is there a tweak for that also? also
    what tweak you use to close the app?

  12. avatar Chode Layer.JR says:

    Can u please update bridge so it can be used in ios7 please on ur repo

  13. avatar Kelvin Tsang says:

    Jeff ur voice seems sick , hope u alright !

  14. avatar TheCelestialProject says:

    What happens in safe mode? 

  15. avatar Juan Medina says:

    What’s the weather icon tweak?

  16. avatar Oscar H. Montes says:

    So far i am loving this tweak. LOVE IT!

  17. avatar Romi Kurti says:

    Fuck you iphone 5s users

  18. avatar Res Les says:

    nice but I prefer to use a password would be nice if Apple implement an
    iris scanner as a security feature as well!

  19. avatar Yazer YMD says:

    is there any tweak that lock apps with a android type passcode instead of

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