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Cracking 1Password Agilebits Keychain PKBDF2-HMAC-SHA1

February 6th, 2015 | by BTC News
Cracking 1Password Agilebits Keychain PKBDF2-HMAC-SHA1

Quick Demonstration on Cracking Agilebits PKBDF2-HMAC-SHA1 with JTR Unstable Jumbo-8 with Open-CL Make sure you choose a very strong and complex master passw…
Video Rating: 0 / 5 – Mac 20Q – Free file encryption software for Macs is available at It works really well and is easy too. GPGTools encrypt t…



  1. avatar Jeffrey Goldberg says:

    [Disclosure. I work for AgileBits, makers of 1Password] Well that is a a
    good reason to not set your 1Password Master Password to “sss”! We wrote
    about John the Ripper and 1Password last summer. Search for blog post
    titled “1Password is ready for John the Ripper”.

  2. avatar Jeffrey Goldberg says:

    I misread the output. It looks like the Master Password was 123456, as john
    needed only 1 guess, and 123456 is the first item of the password list used.

  3. avatar David Allen says:

    +Tom Carr-Hopkins Did you click on NEW to start the process of making a new
    key pair? If you followed the process through it will be in your list of
    key in the GPG KeyChain.

  4. avatar David Allen says:

    If you find using GPG difficult there is another possibility for encrypting
    your emails. This is especially useful now that OSX Yosemite has broken
    the GPG mail plug-in. The service that I’m going to show in the next video
    is using a certificate from Start SSL. If you want somebody to send you an
    encrypted email all you have to do is to send them an email signed with
    your certificate. When they reply to you they will have the ability to
    build to send back an encrypted email. in replying to you they will have
    also signed their email and the next email that you sent to them can also
    be encrypted. It is that simple.!

    It is quite easy to get one of these certificates and they are safe to use
    as well is giving you a decent level of encryption. Using GPG still has
    benefits if you want to encrypt files or if you want to encrypt just a part
    of some text rather than the whole email. Even so getting a start SSL
    certificates is worth doing and setting up on your Mac and also on your iOS
    devices. At least you won’t have to worry about how it works with public
    and private keys.

  5. avatar David Allen says:

    The GPG Mail plug in got broken again with OS X Yosemite but it is still
    possible to do encryption by encrypting before you put it into the email.
    Not as convenient but do-able.

    If you need help with doing this on OS X Yosemite then let me know.

  6. avatar danb3e3 says:

    useful vid, it would be complete if you showed how to encrypt with someone
    else’s key

  7. avatar Tom Carr-Hopkins says:

    cant create my own PGP public key?!?

  8. avatar John Dozier says:

    I get about halfway through and then I am totally confused and lost I am
    sure it is me. It’s like my brain cant decrypt pgp tutorials. I wished I
    was only kidding because I really want to get this figured out. ugh

  9. avatar Forensic Vet- David Bailey says:

    computer people are really bad communicators. They know what they are
    talking about and assume everyone else does.

    You skip too many steps and your ” tutorial” is too hard to follow for a

  10. avatar sarah wesley says:

    great video and really helpful man. he took the time to help me via email
    … Brilliant …. saved me loads of wasted time.

  11. avatar Cizroe says:

    hey David, all went well up until i wanted to decrypt again, im not at the
    step of “enter encrytion desktop password” options-are one unknown key
    and says – it is not possible to decrypt this message because your keyring
    does not contain any usable private keys corresponding to any of the above
    public keys, please help

  12. avatar tim tomsen says:

    Hey david, I don’t really get the pgp thing yet? Well I have my own public
    key and I know another public key which I’m going to communicate with.
    But how do I write to him without a email- adress just only the public key?
    hope you can help me.

    And big ups for your videos btw 🙂


  13. avatar أديب عبدالله says:

    i encrypt file , when i click on it gpg ask me my passphrase , i click
    then show me massage ” Decryption finished ” . 

  14. avatar Davy Ker says:

    I don’t have a default key showing in system preferences. :(

  15. avatar alex mccarthy says:

    hi dave I’m having major problems i need to encrypt a message and am
    following your guide when i go to highlight services to encrypt my message
    its not an option when i right click there is no option for service can you
    advise I’ve tried everything thanks

  16. avatar Alex121sm1 says:

    I have my friend’s code, what do I do with it??? I need to send him an

  17. avatar David Allen says:

    Not sure what to suggest – Do you have the secret key to do the decryption
    of the message. Was the message encrypted with your public key and is the
    key pair in the GPG Keychain. Do you want to do some tests by exchanging
    emails? Go to Mac20Q web site and you will see a link in the sidebar on the
    right to get to my GPG public key. Encrypt something and send me an email
    and I will reply.

  18. avatar David Allen says:

    Blimey you are in the wars there…. Are you connected to the internet when
    you are creating your key. Maybe it wants to send the key to the key server
    but can’t. Go to Sys Prefs and to Keyboard and enable the Services for GPG.
    Let me know if you still are not sure where to do that.

  19. avatar David Allen says:

    You might think about getting the plug in as it makes a lot of this easier.
    It just works like hand in glove with GPGKeychain.

  20. avatar David Allen says:

    Go to the Contact me page on Mac20Q website and you will see a link to
    download my GPG public key. Then you can send me an encrypted email.

  21. avatar James Blissett says:

    So just to be clear, alongside this software you need a text editor as
    well, you would recommend textmate?

  22. avatar Josh K says:

    i have no service option!

  23. avatar David Allen says:

    You use that to encrypt the data that you send to them. Let me know if you
    need someone to test the process with.

  24. avatar David Allen says:

    If that is what you do mean then you should know that they are there as
    part of the GPG plug in for Mail, which works in Lion but not in Mountain
    Lion. Not much sign of the plug in being fixed. No worries – You don’t need
    them to be able to encrypt or decrypt a mail message.

  25. avatar David Allen says:

    Pleased that you got it worked out.

  26. avatar David Allen says:

    Sometimes that is the case in the mail client that you are using and the
    answer for that is to go to a text editor. If it is a public key or an
    encrypted message copy and paste that into the text editor and then you
    will see the services that are available. Hope that helps.

  27. avatar David Allen says:

    I have made a video showing you how to do this. GPGTools encrypt text
    selection and Setting up services – I will also put a link in the main

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