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Bitcoin isn't a currency, Bitcoin advocates argue

February 21st, 2015 | by BTC News

Bitcoin isn't a currency, Bitcoin advocates argue
You may know Bitcoin as a kind of digital cash that can be spent just like the U.S. dollar and can't be traced to a person's specific identity. Maybe you've even heard it described as a virtual "currency." Well, Bitcoin supporters are now distancing …
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Companies Are Trying to Get Rid of Passwords Entirely, and Launchkey Just
With Bitcoin bringing finances closer to the consumer and even allowing them to be their own bank, security is something that's at the pinnacle of importance. Right now, it seems too easy to risk financial freedom. This past year shows that businesses …
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Should Your Business Jump On The Bitcoin Bandwagon?
In April 2014 business directory Yelp started flagging up businesses which accept bitcoins. Even a Canadian nudist colony now accepts the currency. All of this activity can't help but prompt the question: Should my business be getting bitcoin-ready too?
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