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Bitcoin Is Here To Stay

February 11th, 2015 | by BTC News

Bitcoin Is Here To Stay
Until recently a niche alternative currency touted by a fervent group of followers, bitcoin has evolved into a software-based payment online system. Bitcoins are stored in a wallet with a unique identification number and companies like Coinbase and …
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This week in bitcoin: Visualizing cryptocurrency
Adding to the difficulty is that bitcoin does not exist in the physical world — so how do we make sense of (and explain) bitcoin? This week brought us several interesting examples as bitcoin was tracked on Twitter and seen on both the small screen and …
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New York State Wants To Heavily Regulate Bitcoin Trading
New York state's attempt to turn bitcoins into a safe investment vehicle may ultimately push away the original supporters of virtual currency. Others, such as Bryce Weiner, director of Cryptoeconomy Engineering for the Blockchain Technology Group …
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