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WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 26 January

January 26th, 2015 | by BTC News

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 26 January
5. US gets first regulated bitcoin exchange. Coinbase has obtained regulatory approval in half of all states, allowing it to open the first regulated bitcoin exchange in America (TechCrunch). The move is likely to be a big boost to the crypto-currency …

Blockchain AI: 5 Top Reasons the Blockchain will Deliver Friendly AI
One of the possible paths of natural progression is for AI to transition towards a decentralized blockchain technology. The great power of Bitcoin and blockchain technology is that it prompts a rethinking of nearly every existing problem. The issue of …
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HODL Wallet – A Metal Bitcoin Wallet
Cold storage, storing your Bitcoin offline, is usually considered the most secure way to store your coins. However, it can be complicated to set up. One alternative is hardware wallets, which are devices similar to portable hard drives, but store Bitcoin.

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