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Who were the world's notable bitcoin believers in 2014?

January 4th, 2015 | by BTC News

Who were the world's notable bitcoin believers in 2014?
The organization behind the open source Firefox browser, Mozilla, has started accepting bitcoin donations. Mozilla works with Coinbase to process the digital currency. In the first week of August this year, WikiMedia Foundation that runs Wikipedia …

Growing interest in micro payments highlights bitcoin advantages
While startups working on bitcoin 2.0 products and tools aimed at financial institutions have garnered tremendous attention (and venture capital) in recent months, micropayments and remittances have steadily emerged as two of the most compelling use …
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Bitcoin Price Predictions Through Technical Analysis: A Bit Like Palm Reading
Writing for, he's taken the other side of the trade: he's bearish. “As for one of us being right and the other wrong, it does not invalidate the work,” Vays told Inside Bitcoins. “We use completely different methods of technical …
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