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What’s a Bitcoin?

January 27th, 2015 | by BTC News
What’s a Bitcoin?

What's a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is attracting the attention as a wildly-volatile, all-digital currency. How does it work? How are criminals taking advantage of it? How risky an inve…
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  1. avatar Chaz Mania says:

    Hackers can steal from your fucking bank account, anything online is at
    fucking risk you fuck head,

  2. avatar cold soda says:

    That’s so stupid. How can u trust invisible gold 

  3. avatar cwzialor says:

    There are a few kinks but this is the future of money if we want things to
    get any better.

  4. avatar zippy0099 says:

    I now own 11,845 bitcoins… When I own them all, they will be

  5. avatar ollie niz says:

    +Willi Bleimeister
    +Ellim Sluouf 

  6. avatar Karl Marx says:

    Free bitcoin every hour!

  7. avatar Fred DiNucci says:

    Why are more and more mainstream businesses accepting bitcoin as payment
    for both goods and services? 2 words, FAST & FREE!

  8. avatar Moreofthat... says:

    somebody who makes sense. Virtual uninsured currency is not the way i would
    want to keep my money, these fake currencies are stupid, and are just, well
    people are stupid. I do not and of course will not and obviously choose not
    to care about this bitcoin crap of virtual currencies that people feel free
    to dupe themselves into thinking that its real, at least with gold i can
    touch it, i can feel it, i can see it, i can make things out of it, and
    most of all its a precious metal, its not crazy rare but its rarer than
    bitcoins and that is where i draw my argument about how bitcoins are just
    stupid and is a huge giant con to get people to give this asshat some
    money, and the idiots throw it right onto his lap buying fake virtual
    invisible currency labeled by a number on a screen. as i said, at least i
    can hold it and at least i can put it somewhere knowing i can see it and
    touch it. GOLD SILVER and PALLADIUM, can’t go wrong with shit you can hold.

  9. avatar Jose Francisco Torres says:

    Easy Bitcoin Mining No Hardware Needed! Buy Sell Mine! Free Sign up!

  10. avatar Kuldeep Thakre says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  11. avatar David Hee says:

    Presented by +The Wall Street Journal 

  12. avatar Emmanuel Amberber says:
  13. avatar ajarnfrankie says:

    – Gold is not completely decentralized. The largest holder of gold reserves
    are governments. Ever heard of Ft. Knox? BitCoin security gets better
    everyday. Everything about BitCoin and p2p crypto currencies is better and
    gets better everyday. The positives of p2p crypto currencies far outweigh
    the negatives. The negatives usually come from old school paper money
    institutions like…like…the WSJ.

  14. avatar Chad Williamson says:

    Cool story, bro

  15. avatar Chad Williamson says:

    Cool story, bro

  16. avatar NZU TYBO says:


  17. avatar SWAGonda187 says:

    Omg they know about silkroad..

  18. avatar DistilledRob says:

    Hackers will be able to hack bitcoins easier because the system is open
    source. Bitcoins have transaction fees built into the source code if your
    transaction is less than 0.01 BTC. That transaction fee goes to the
    bitminer that processes it. Don’t be suprised when banks jump on board the
    bitcoin network. It’s open to everyone. Governments could print a parallel
    paper bitcoin currency.

  19. avatar elnivlac says:

    I like how his tie is not properly done up. Such a rebel.

  20. avatar DistilledRob says:

    The bitcoin system won’t go away unless the internet goes away. But the
    bitcoin system itself could bring the internet to a screeching halt. A copy
    of every transaction goes to every peer node to be kept in a database for
    verification using a “flood” protocol. What do you think will happen when
    everyone jumps on board with bitcoin, and millions of transactions will be
    happening across the web? How long are you willing to wait for your
    purchase to be verified? Eventually, eternity.

  21. avatar LelouchL3 says:

    I feel like the complex equations are actually account numbers and
    passwords that hackers want you to solve with your computer. Or else why
    would they pay you. And the most widely usage of bit coin is affiliated
    with money laundering and drug dealing. So… Yeah

  22. avatar iGeckoGaming says:

    Thank you, I was screaming at my screen about everything wrong he said.

  23. avatar R Plaszczymaka says:

    dont listen to this propaganda … keep doin wat ya doin n ya people will
    do da same .. sorry for the poor grammar .. i was raised in da hood yall

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