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Update: Butterfly Labs Single SC Bitcoin Mining Hardware Upgrade, Also some Litecoin Talk.

January 5th, 2015 | by BTC News
Update: Butterfly Labs Single SC Bitcoin Mining Hardware Upgrade, Also some Litecoin Talk.

Update: Butterfly Labs Single SC Bitcoin Mining Hardware Upgrade, Also some Litecoin Talk.

I received 4 Butterfly Labs Singles SC on November 01, 2013. I ordered on March 30, 2013 so about a 7 month wait.
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  1. avatar VocaloidMau5 says:

    Can someone link me to the device he uses in this video? I think BFL
    doesn’t manufacture them anymore, but I would like to have them. Someone
    please link me to an eBay link or Amazon. (I’d prefer Amazon, but eBay will

  2. avatar ADifficultQuest says:

    Yeah, I named the computer after the dragon so the wallpaper fits the it as
    well. /)

  3. avatar syedN07 says:

    money are you making now on litecoins? 

  4. avatar Jonathan Danielsson says:

    The legendary room of mining ;)

  5. avatar Jose Aleman says:

    This sounds strange (especially on a lite and bit coin video) but judging
    by your wallpaper on the laptop I wanted to know… Do you watch the show?

  6. avatar Anddosdd says:

    is the equipment paying for its self?

  7. avatar Jason Graham says:

    good work

  8. avatar Paul Simpson says:

    what are the most efficient motherboards to use for litecoin miner rigs?

  9. avatar Tom Wilkes says:

    What calculator for all the different coins were you showing that showed
    your profit on each coin

  10. avatar Jonathan Danielsson says:

    Btw do you have the as your sole income?

  11. avatar VideoGame Polak says:

    how long does it take to get a bitcoin with them rigs?

  12. avatar CYRRYANC97 says:

    Are you looking at the new 300 or 600 GH/s cards from butterfly labs? I am
    looking to buy about 20 GH/s servers from butterfly labs and save up for a
    300 GH/s card. what do you think ? 

  13. avatar zrroo26 says:

    How much did the whole 240 gh/s bitcoin miners cost?

  14. avatar MGP says:

    have you made money? i am interested in litecoin mining and i want to know
    if it is profitable

  15. avatar BitcoinRevolution says:

    Bitcoin Trading and easy Mining! No Hardware Necesary!!!

  16. avatar DisplayName says:

    NIce setup. What website were you using before you went to coinwarz?

  17. avatar Todd Fance says:

    I wonder if i order from BFL would it take 7 months to get to me. SMH
    If you would like to sell any of your older equipment that you may not use
    let me know. Thank You!

  18. avatar Infusion Gaming says:

    Very nice video, I just got a contract for 200gh/s for 1 year straight for
    $999, starting early January, do you think this will pay itself off?

  19. avatar Victor Vic says:

    How much you paid for the butterfly labs miner

  20. avatar sniperwhg says:

    Do you have any recommendations for the most efficient power and cost wise
    set up for a litecoin miner? Also how much do you make a day from the

  21. avatar chwaca says:

    If the laptop is a HP brand, that would probably fail before any power
    supply. HP had video card overheating problems for years. Just thought…

  22. avatar ModToPlay says:

    are you a MLP fan (Brony)? because of the Spike background xD

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