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The Bitcoin Group #27 – China Bans Bitcoin Again – Politics – Dark Market – Bitcoin VC

January 11th, 2015 | by BTC News
The Bitcoin Group #27 – China Bans Bitcoin Again – Politics – Dark Market – Bitcoin VC

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  1. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Sure the dark market might be more useful in 3rd world countries but
    there’s a very plentiful forbidden thing in the US that’s traded around all
    the time and that’s labor. Government always gets in the way of a guy and
    people who want to employ him. There are all the taxes and regulations and
    in some cases it’s even illegal to employ people due to age, citizenship or
    whatever. In some situations a worker can’t even work unless he puts up a
    huge bond to feed the lawyers with if he’s sued. All this tends to make
    labor so expensive that it destroys demand. Then you have work that’s
    needed not getting done and idle workers who are needlessly less wealthy
    than they otherwise could be.
    An anonymous labor market with reputation scores for the customer and the
    worker could bypass all that red tape, make the citizenry more wealthy and
    cut government out of the deal completely. Honestly with the horrible job
    all levels of government are doing at following the will of the governed,
    they don’t deserve a cut of my labor nor do they deserve a cut of the wages
    I pay to anyone else.

  2. avatar georgem says:

    china is like the kid crying “wolf” all the time… lol

  3. avatar Daniel Weeda says:

    is it true that derrick j is pee wee hermans son?

  4. avatar Pat Jack says:

    “I taught Satoshi Nakamoto how to use bitcoin and got paid in a pastrami
    sandwich” … that … is genius comedy, for which you will be paid, a
    pastrami sannich !!! ROFL !!!

  5. avatar AnarchistMetalhead says:

    teaching satoshi how to use bitcoin is an unique accomplishment

  6. avatar dontmissaday says:

    when will bitcoin get into small farm infrastructure

  7. avatar Pat Jack says:

    Derick is on the money when he says the bitcoin development ecosystem can
    do much more with $200M in VC funds than the current system might or might
    have done.

  8. avatar Daniel Weeda says:

    good morning bitcoins

  9. avatar Pat Jack says:

    Greg Abbott, the ATTORNEY GENERAL of entire State of the Union, he’s
    running for Governor of Texas, he is attempting to implement a bitcoin
    campaign donations strategy. He has a bitcoin address on his webpage,
    anybody can make an anonymous donation to his campaign’s bitcoin wallet
    address. Why would an Attorney General make such an incredibly ignorant
    implementation. Is he daring, challenging the organs of campaign finance
    regulation? And one can only make a PLEDGE to donate, there is no
    javascript code to actually submit a donation. But we can see all his
    donations, anonymous donations to his address: If he
    gets popped by the Texas of Federal level campaign elections commissions
    does bitcoin get the black eye for “illegal campaign contributions?” Like
    the AttGen of Texas is going to be prosecuted. What’s this guy up to, why
    is he doing is “so wrong”? What’s his angle?

  10. avatar moto2kx2 says:

    IT’S TIME:
    That BTC let’s china Roll off it’s Back and move on…

  11. avatar Pat Jack says:

    Wow, Mandarin character based python to write the first decentralized
    exchange, that WOULD be massive … rad … cool. 谁是约翰·高尔特?

  12. avatar Pat Jack says:

    Bitcoin banned in China … AGAIN! ROFL !!!

  13. avatar Wilbur Force says:

    ready to roll

  14. avatar BitcoinBabe says:

    But, the market in China says otherwise.

  15. avatar Anders Hass says:

    Wtf idiots who called you a traitor Andreas :)

  16. avatar VanosEnigmA Enigmaisland says:

    #Banning #Bitcoin is like telling #Children #DoNot #Forbidden #Donut
    #Innovation of #Money #Cryptocurrency #Simpsons

  17. avatar VanosEnigmA Enigmaisland says:

    #MoralConflict between #Bitcoin+#Dodgecoin?
    Try #BitcoinDog 😉 #DoNot #DogeconSF #IT

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