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Tech Visionary George Gilder: “Bitcoin is the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma.”

January 28th, 2015 | by BTC News
Tech Visionary George Gilder: “Bitcoin is the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma.”

“Bitcoin is a breakthrough in information theory that allows [users] to conduct provable transactions that can’t be changed…without reference to trusted th…


Jeff Berwick on Fox Business: Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?

Jeff Berwick explains Bitcoin once again to Varney and Co. The latest run up to over 0 dollars a bitcoin has caught these MSM investment commentators off …
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  1. avatar LibertarianSamurai says:

    Deflation is bad, evil even, because government is in massive debt!
    Deflation is fantastic for the money savers. Great for the people who lives
    within his means. Government want to print money and pay their debt with
    the worthlessly inflated money. Inflation caused by the central banks are
    only great for the top one percent with political connections. Bitcoin is
    digital gold standard! Buy bitcoin and hold on to bitcoin (put them in cold
    storage). With bitcoin going mainstream, we might have the second roaring
    20s (the first roaring 20s was a deflationary prosperity actually) 2020s
    that is!

  2. avatar SweetLiberty01 says:

    I support Bitcoin in principle, but not in practice. On the one
    hand, Bitcoin is a “Libertarian solution” in that it is a largely
    unregulated form of global exchange currency which governments cannot
    manipulate. On the other hand, it fluctuates wildly, has no intrinsic
    value of its own (a trait shared by fiat currencies imposed by central
    banks and politicians), and has no impact on restricting government
    spending or money printing. As long as Bitcoin remains an
    inconsequential threat to government monopoly currencies, they will allow
    it to exist. But the men with guns will shut it down in a heartbeat if it
    ever becomes a nuisance. For those reasons, I’m out. 

  3. avatar Reason says:

    WATCH: “Bitcoin is a breakthrough in information theory that allows [users]
    to conduct provable transactions that can’t be changed…without reference
    to trusted third parties. [Bitcoin] is the perfect libertarian solution to
    the money enigma.”

  4. avatar Randall Snyder, Jr. says:

    *Informative and Encouraging.* (19:21)

  5. avatar Neavris says:

    This guy said:
    “Religion is primary. Unless a culture is aspiring toward the good, the
    true, and the beautiful, and wants the good and the true, really worships
    God, it readily worships Satan. If we turn away from God, our culture
    becomes dominated by “Real Crime Stories” and rap music and other spew…
    When the culture becomes corrupt, then the businesses that serve the
    culture also become corrupt… Secular culture is in general corrupt, and
    degraded, and depraved. Because I don’t believe in secular culture, I think
    parochial schools are the only real schools.”
    And believes in intelligent design and promotes it with his think tank…
    Just so you know the type.

  6. avatar hallerd says:

    Bitcoin is the future. Deal with it.

  7. avatar jeroeniskoning says:

    I hold bitcoins and you’ll count your satoshi’s.

  8. avatar David Meskhi says:

    Hiyaaaa! Have you considered – Brians Bitcoin Big Bang (just google it)?
    In case you are seriously interested in making money with Bitcoin, I have
    heard some great things about it and my friend got great results with it.

  9. avatar Bezlichnyy says:

    The only reason, I would support Bitcoin is to avoid government regulations
    not so I could report taxes, incomes figures, and still be enslaved or
    forced to report my Bitcoin earnings. It’s my money. When will merchants
    and others stand up to the government and say no? I’m prepared to say no to
    the governments on my earnings if I adopt Bitcoins. I have to disagree with
    Gilder about the issue of reporting my earnings. Bitcoin adoption means a
    market place currency that is free from government regulations not so I can
    regress to national currency regulated by the government. This is my
    retirement money, house purchase earnings, and other private purchases I am
    talking about here. To call it a “Libertarian Solution” when Gilder plans
    on co-operating with government authority, what is the point then of
    adopting Bitcoin if a person is still going to co-operated with government

  10. avatar Irdial Discs says:

    Bitcoin is not anonymous now, but it will be in the future. Judging
    Bitcoin’s future on today’s feature set is a mistake, because every month
    new software is released that strengthens the system.

    Eventually we will get to a BitTorrent situation where the software is
    essentially perfected and works flawlessly protecting people’s identities
    on a global scale, in the billions of users.

  11. avatar mrpoghunter says:

    You can not just say learning makes wealth, it is helpful to learn how the
    world works, but this idea that learning will make some utopia is faulty. 

  12. avatar Bezlichnyy says:

    It doesn’t sound like a solution to me it seems like an apology, sorry
    government authority for making private money without your permission.
    Politicians, presidents, and essentially all government bureaucrats are not
    employed in the market place. They function outside the rules of the market
    place–they are not subject to terms and conditions of business or consumer
    demands in payment for products or services. Their imposed payment is
    called taxation, fines, and penalties. When is the Libertarian Party and
    other so-called freedom supporters going to rebel against these unemployed
    government bureaucrats? One solution is have these government bureaucrats
    seek jobs in the market place. Another solution is to run government like a
    business where consumers pay for services that are beneficial to them
    rather than continuing this unlimited funding through taxation that keep
    corruption. It is mistake to think that government bureaucrats care about
    the well being of it citizens by provide their claimed safety regulations,
    welfare, unemployment insurance, and other rules that imposed in the name
    of public safety or protection. They are only trying to protect their
    fraudulent careers as long as they can with the co-operation of it
    citizens. Let the government print their own money without its citizens
    co-operation. While its citizens enjoy the use of Bitcoin usage without
    inflation, but deflation and affordable products on the market e.g. buy a
    new home for $10,000 Bitcoin units as opposed to $300,000 U.S. inflated
    dollarsrun-down-hand-me-down house or $70,000 Euros for a car.

  13. avatar ZombieTex says:

    I love the idea of bitcoin and the functionality of it. It’s beautiful.


    The problem is that it exists purely as 1s and 0s on the internet. If China
    or Russia ever detonate a nuke in the upper atmosphere over the U.S., it
    will generate an EMP that wipes out all electronics … and any value you
    have stored in BitCoin will simply vanish. At least with gold, no matter
    what happens to the electronics, it will continue to be gold.

  14. avatar Shawn Jones says:

    Bitcoin is like religion. Worship the invisble creator. Dont ask questions.
    Buy today.

  15. avatar 426LV says:

    finally, money that can be used on the internet. it only took us 20 years
    to figure out.

  16. avatar Jason Parthum says:

    Never heard of this guy before (I’m ashamed[?] to admit as a geek), but in
    this interview he is *brilliant* !

  17. avatar Jonathan Devine says:

    This guy is a nut. Gold and bitcoin have nothing in common. And I don’t
    know why he’s against silver when silver is more like bitcoin (in that the
    silver supply is diminishing while the gold supply is increasing). He
    strikes me as one of those authors who just ride their own high horse.

  18. avatar Kizone Kaprow says:

    Shouldn’t that be, “Bitcoin is the *Anarchist* Solution to the Money
    Happy to help.

  19. avatar BadMouseProductions says:

    I do agree with Bitcoin and some of the stuff George says, but ultimately I
    think you also need to be aware that hes a bit of a religious cook. He
    believes you can’t get a good society without Religion and he believes in
    Creationism I believe. Pun.
    So just bare it in mind.

  20. avatar furyofbongos says:

    Theft at gun point (taxation) is not an outrage? 14:10 What does it take to
    outrage you?

  21. avatar Peter Nolan says:

    Hi Nick,
    I believe bitcoin to be one more Illuminati psyop. If it was a serious
    competitor to the Illuminatis hold over money the german government would
    not accept it in payment of taxes.

    When the german government accepts an “anti-government” currency in payment
    of taxes? I don’t believe what I am hearing. Also, bitcoin made it on to
    the front page of the UK Financial Times….a newspaper totally controlled
    by the Illuminati. Bitcoin would not be getting this sort of press if it is
    not what the Illuminati wanted…don’t say no one told you so…ok?

  22. avatar UFOspotter says:

    Gold was in the beginning also not worth much. Bitcoin is in the same state
    5000 years ago.

  23. avatar Ron Helwig says:

    Bitcoin is *a* libertarian solution, not *the* solution. +Shire Silver is
    also a solution, and it complements bitcoin well.

  24. avatar MWCstream says:

    Yep, they will shut bitcoin down, just like they shutdown Bittorrent, Oh
    wait nevermind, They were never able to shutdown bittorrent.

  25. avatar Gabriel Vine says:

    This Gillespie zhlub makes the interview unwatchable with his constant
    interruptions and idiotic asides. He lacks the interviewer’s most
    rudimentary skill: listening.

  26. avatar Red Pill Philosophy says:

    calm, cool, and collected, well done Jeff.

  27. avatar TheBanAna says:

    these fox tv anchors! trying everything to discredit bitcoin… props to
    Mr. Berwick for remaining so calm.

  28. avatar lightcaesar says:

    Way to stay cool among the assault by committed statists, Jeff.
    How is Bitcoin any worse than a fiat currency created out of thin air?
    The blonde DID ask some good questions.

  29. avatar ChiefClickClack says:

    Jeff tore them apart…I loved his comment about Cyprus…lol

  30. avatar Double Red_Rolex says:

    This tv show host is an idiot. Lol. Has no clue what he’s talking about. 

  31. avatar nlucctw2 says:

    “real money” to these guys = paper with ink on it lol

  32. avatar logans run says:


  33. avatar Mr5HT2A says:

    Jeff should do as many interviews about bitcoin as he can, he keeps his
    cool very well

  34. avatar Pippi GlockenCake says:

    You were great Jeff. These hosts were typical assholes. No big surprise

  35. avatar benhmn says:

    Wow, you kept it extra smooth this time Jeff. Excellent job.

  36. avatar Martin Pedersen says:

    “I wouldn’t call you an early adopter of technology”…LOL

    “Real dollars….real money”…He didn’t get it last time Jeff and he still
    does not get it. Last time he didn’t let you explain. This time also
    cutting you off. Remember his strange look on his face when you told him “a
    federal reserve note”?

  37. avatar swardinc says:

    according to the host that would include well all money in the world, let’s
    get rid of dollar bill 

  38. avatar Brian Strater says:

    If anyone remembers these hosts from before, their only knowledge of
    bitcoin was that you can buy drugs with it. Dimwits. Now you’ve enchanted
    them all and they return to their dormant childlike state at Christmas.
    It’s adorable.

  39. avatar Kawa FERKEVIR says:

    Jeff, you should have taken out your phone and pay a beer of your friend
    who is on other side of the globe. So you show such asholl the power of the
    bitcoin. By the way your cool standing is appreciable. 

  40. avatar ccricers says:

    The “coin” part of the name is confusing people and I can see why some
    people have a hard time grasping it.

    Bitcoin doesn’t revolve around units of currency. It is largely an
    electronic ledger with a proof-of-work mechanism for making sure
    transactions are valid, and the currency it counts is just a part of it. As
    with any currency no matter how local or big, a currency’s value comes from
    increasing acceptability.

  41. avatar Noah Johnson says:

    Jeff Berwick… What a boss!

  42. avatar Bitcoin Odyssey says:

    “..and it’s done quite well”.

  43. avatar John Hendon says:

    Jeff Berwick on Fox Business: Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?

  44. avatar Audiservant says:

    that Cyprus mention was pure genius

  45. avatar Oliver Westcott says:

    oustanding work Jeff!

  46. avatar ZHONG.TV says:

    bitcoins is going to be the future..this brit is a douche

  47. avatar Liberty TV says:

    For those viewing bit coin as an investment –

    The US dollar’s upside is zero and the downside is zero. It is a fiat
    currency and will lose value every year and ultimately all its value. For
    bit coin since supply is limited, technically its upside is unlimited but
    its downside is also zero. Sounds like a no brainer to me. I am in the
    process of picking up some bit coin. Best of luck to all.

  48. avatar Skyturnip says:

    Go jeff

  49. avatar bluskywalking says:

    Good on ya Jeff – you speak for us all. : )

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