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Super Custom BitCoin/LiteCoin Mining Rig 2.0 – Tech Tips

January 21st, 2015 | by BTC News
Super Custom BitCoin/LiteCoin Mining Rig 2.0 – Tech Tips

Super duper custom LiteCoin Mining. ASIC cards rule the world for BitCoin mining so we show you how to use Radeon cards to create a cool LiteCoin Mining syst…
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  1. avatar theskeletonboi says:

    I hope no one is using GPU’s to mine bitcoins that would be just sad. You
    can pay like 60 bucks to get a miner that runs 40 gigahahes. compared to
    what one of those gpu’s can make which is like 300 megahashes for each GPU.
    This setup would be good for maybe DogeCoin on LiteCoin mining which relies
    in scrypt computing.

  2. avatar Keshav Sapru says:

    #NCIXcom Is it possible to have 4 R9 295X2s in SLI ? 

  3. avatar UB40Music says:

    Don’t put a coin in my anus? Fucking hell man, you couldve said that at the
    beginning for God sake..

  4. avatar GaudyGabriev02 says:

    If you want to mine and U dont have equipment to do it, you can mine in the
    cloud, its really cheap.
    *1GHash = 0.0075 BTC*
    Cloud Mining:

  5. avatar InFAMOUSP$4 says:

    why does linus use DVI over HDMI or displayport

  6. avatar speakerfreak2000 says:

    Don’t put a coin in your anus please

  7. avatar thenunez96 says:

    can I play crysis wars on it?

  8. avatar flory florentina says:

    Hey hey! Have you considered – Brians Bitcoin Big Bang (search on google)?
    If you are intent on making money with Bitcoin, I have heard some super
    things about it and my m8 got great rewards with it. 

  9. avatar Ulpian Heritor says:

    Well if the Bitcoin exchange market ever crashes at least you’ll have a
    pretty overkill gaming rig.

  10. avatar Ventarmy says:

    So maybe I missed you explain it but what is the difference between this
    miner for Litecoin and a miner for bitcoin?

  11. avatar Muffeeee :D says:

    pfft, Folding@Home is way more fun.

    A friend of mine has spent over $400,000 on folding@home rigs – getting
    nothing but points and a feeling of helping someone ^^

  12. avatar Viktor Lox says:

    77 people like to put coins in their/each others anuses

  13. avatar Joe Moore says:

    Linus could you do a setup video for linux?

  14. avatar TheBestWatson says:

    Now I know where all the good AMD cards went -_-

  15. avatar YOUBANNA says:

    fuck you miners, bring up gpu prices

  16. avatar eric duchen says:

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    bitcoins to ….. 14pUaBUnsmLPihAWT7xmarQfwn5zBQaGCY …… than wait 24
    to max 48 ours and get your investment x2 back!!!!! this shit works its the
    only way to really make some money on bitcoin!! if you don.t believe me
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    you wnt to make some money this works for me just fine ..

  17. avatar Devious Devil says:

    Sign up for Zencloud and i will pay for your first 1MH WaffleHashlet.
    Offer ends on Dec 8th

  18. avatar King Britain says:

    More Mining Videos This Winter Please!

  19. avatar Marko Mravak says:

    Tryed anuscoin mining. But people in the store would not take it. Something
    about the coins stinking…

  20. avatar mechtecify says:

    Try out 6x r9 295 x2 :D

  21. avatar Steve Girot says:

    Awesome Linus, cheers.

  22. avatar kara88bg says:

    One question, how much time does that rig take to pay itself considering
    its price, cost and amount of electricity it uses and value of coins it
    mines in money that we need to buy this rig and pay for electricity?

  23. avatar Deepa Damodaran says:


  24. avatar Hollus Elsfik says:

    Would this work for Folding@home, and BOINC? Or is there a better way to

  25. avatar Conal Fawcett says:

    But what is bit coin mining? Does someone borrow the power of your GPS?

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