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Still Report # 186 – Bitcoin Reversal in China

January 26th, 2015 | by BTC News
Still Report # 186 – Bitcoin Reversal in China

Despite a virtual lockup in the rest of the Bitcoin world, BTC China has reversed themselves and now is willing to accept deposits once again. DONATE QUARK: …



  1. avatar Jonny Blaze says:

    Thanks Mr. Still, I’m loading the boat on Quark as I type this.

  2. avatar ChiefClickClack says:

    Great video, Bill! 

  3. avatar Cody Wolf says:

    interesting updates – thanks Bill

  4. avatar Beth Hammer Still says:

    Great Report, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. avatar GrizzBang says:

    Hey Bill, thanks again! quick question. How high can the value per each
    QRK go? 

  6. avatar pinkfloyd111 says:

    Total mess, so in China you can interpret central bank guidances as you
    wish. I don’t think this will last long.

  7. avatar NicosMind says:

    So many different bitcoin exchanges with different prices. I hit the charts
    on bitcoincharts and I just get confused.

  8. avatar KronstadtFilms says:

    Don’t you see the game that the Chinese government has been playing? They
    announce their policy first and the price plummeted to $500, they they’ve
    started buying up all the cheap Bitcoins.And now they announce this.

    Did anyone for a second believe that China was gonna leave US government to
    be second largest (after Nakamoto’s 1,100,000BTC) bitcoin holder? I’m sure
    the Chinese government has been buying up Quarks as well. 

  9. avatar Leigh Jenkins says:

    Awsome news, now is the time to buy bitcoin they are nice and cheep.

  10. avatar Kareem Gan says:

    +Bill Still what do you think the current price of QRK? should i be

  11. avatar 1betrman says:

    Thank You Bill

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