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“SPLIT MINING” Cloud 9 – Ep 15

January 25th, 2015 | by BTC News
“SPLIT MINING” Cloud 9 – Ep 15

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  1. avatar Its. Destiny says:

    Cupquake: Yes I found diamond yeah this is the best feeling in the world
    Red:your the best feeling in the world

  2. avatar maria esther dominguez says:

    No ooops she did not but she found diamonds

  3. avatar Nickole Gonzales says:


  4. avatar Marcus Gibson says:

    While split mining do split screen 

  5. avatar i am bla says:

    You should play the orphanage with red

  6. avatar MeliTheCutePanda says:

    is it just me or did she past gold like 2 times when finding her way out of
    the mine

  7. avatar CatGravity says:

    100 dislikes? People need to lighten up.

  8. avatar Maya Teng says:

    rope is actually called lead

  9. avatar Sydney Cadence says:

    She’s talking about oasis season 2 isn’t it odvious?!

  10. avatar maria esther dominguez says:

    I maybe think cupquake missed a diamond

  11. avatar kingsonly brush says:

    If you can put armour on them don’t put the same armour 

  12. avatar James Conway says:

    I love your videos ihascupquake and redb15

  13. avatar i am bla says:

    Gold is useless its just like cardboard

  14. avatar Saly Am says:

    Plant the mowa in the over worl

  15. avatar Nickole Gonzales says:

    I always do the heart thing at the end of every video

  16. avatar James Conway says:

    The lava looks like pizza

  17. avatar i am bla says:

    Can you guys fight another boss

  18. avatar kingsonly brush says:

    That’s what I sayd

  19. avatar claudia herrera says:

    Cupquake u should mine in the ravine that red found in and old episode
    there was a lot of iron 

  20. avatar Nickole Gonzales says:

    There names are Tiffany and Mario

  21. avatar Skyleration says:

    My heart literately stopped when Red fell

  22. avatar Anonymous Walker says:

    “I really loved that episode” Congratulations on finding diamonds

  23. avatar Taven Horan says:

    the lava looks like pizza

  24. avatar Ashley Anne says:

    35:07 aw mini cupquake and red

  25. avatar Lady International says:

    What’s the name of the series that she did with the other girl? And I think
    that you should build a Moa room and raise the Moas in there.

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