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News Talk – Let’s Talk Bitcoin Episode 144

January 5th, 2015 | by BTC News
News Talk – Let’s Talk Bitcoin Episode 144
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  1. avatar Petar Mitchev says:

    I cannot say anything about the signatures.
    But I am pretty sure most of the clones are not made by Bytecoin’s
    developers. How can I be sure? I am developer of one of them (Dashcoin).
    The accusations are based on how sites have similar download images and the
    fact that most of them uses Sourceforge. The truth is that all sites just
    use font-awesome (a modern standard) and coin owners with low budget have
    only 2 options for upload – sourceforge and mega. I prefer sourceforge
    because it allows a public tracking of the number of downloads and a static
    BTW how you can take a thread with “ALL but 1 is scam” for real? To make a
    clone is a 5 lines change. They practically say that all guys beside them
    are so dumb they can’t make the change using a tutorial (yes, there is a
    tutorial how to make a coin).

  2. avatar hallerd says:

    $1 to reveal the name of the song that you play before each episode +

  3. avatar VanosEnigmA Enigmaisland says:

    #Bitcoin – #Conferences … Cheapest way to organize #BitcoinConfereces
    #BitcoinConf is in #VirtualWorlds like #SL #SecondLife – This way much
    more #Women might participate and even #Furry #Funny #Cats + #Dogs are
    welcome 😉 #BitcoinDog #Innocent #Crypto – #Cat 😉 #SoulTradeGame ;)

  4. avatar targetpro says:

    Whenever Andreas speaks, everything I’ve ever heard him say is simply right
    on. $2 +ChangeTip 

  5. avatar Anders Lindman says:

    I like the question “Is IQ a good measure of intelligence?” As Eckhart
    Tolle said, all IQ tests show is your ability to solve little puzzles.
    Intelligence is so much vaster than that, he said. I think market cap is a
    useful indicator though.

  6. avatar FunckyFizz says:

    This is very interesting but I can’t help but keep wishing he wouldn’t
    pronounce the word ‘niche’ as “nish”

  7. avatar William Russell says:

    Doge is up like 100%

  8. avatar Tucson Skyhook says:

    What has been said about CryptoNote is very interesting and all the
    clones. Hopefully the current Monero devs can deliver the GUI wallet they
    are working on and it will take its rightful place with a market cap around
    where Litecoin is in the next 6 months. 

  9. avatar Let's Talk Bitcoin! says:
  10. avatar Shaman Voodoo says:

    Bitcoin tooo-theee- mooooon Bitcoin to the moon1

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