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LIVE Bitcoin Trading Lesson: How Do Pump and Dumps Work

January 20th, 2015 | by BTC News
LIVE Bitcoin  Trading Lesson: How Do Pump and Dumps Work
24 – This will be a LIVE lesson with limited Q&A about Pumps and Dumps including: 1. How do Pump and Dumps work? 2. Who are the Players and …



  1. avatar billyboy402 says:

    why didnt you just record this with ur cam and upload it. but a great a
    Video with a lot of good info 

  2. avatar RJ Park says:

    Cryptsy Pumps ‏@cryptsypumps Jan 29
    Sorry for those who didn’t profit. There will be another pump where you can
    potential profit. Sorry again

    “Sorry I ripped you guys off with my prebought coin, try again next time so
    I can rip you off again” “Again Sorry” 

  3. avatar BasicPlays says:

    thank you for doing this, those guys are a bunch of cunts

  4. avatar Brandon Neira says:

    Is this ilegal

  5. avatar schen schenn says:

    thank you,very much sir.

  6. avatar Omid Najafpoor says:

    well with the theory explained above; its ones own ignorance that causes
    them to go broke

  7. avatar canal do quim says:

    great lesson

  8. avatar James Martin says:

    Ty you again.

  9. avatar QuantPlus says:

    Where can I see your porn castings?

  10. avatar Rami Holzman says:

    I have a good feeling about a potential pump and dump. Do I buy??

  11. avatar Malcolm Daniels says:

    Extremely helpful. Thank you.

  12. avatar Eric Marr says:

    I’ve been making a ton from these idiot players. I am sorry for the pumpers
    but you need to learn a lesson, they seem to be doing 4 coins a day
    starting 8-10 hours prior to the pump and dump

  13. avatar Joe McConnell says:

    Very informative, thanks man :)

  14. avatar Doozie says:

    Thanks for this vid! Took some notes and will commit to memory. 

  15. avatar Bitcoin News Brasil says:

    Thanks from Brazil! Hope see more lessons! 

  16. avatar jan piet says:

    realy good stuff,.. thx for doing this!

    drk: XfkU3YXExdu2tEW8AhNt9EQkCtUrqNKB4C

  17. avatar kapinio1 says:

    Clear talk bro!

  18. avatar Tuck Fheman says:

    I think it’s more like this …

  19. avatar easymoney4ever says:

    You da man Rami, nothing else to be said on it.

  20. avatar canal do quim says:

    see my channel.tanks

  21. avatar jammin471 says:
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  22. avatar Nate Wotring says:

    Thanks for doing this seminar! I woulda lost all my money yesterday!!! :D

  23. avatar Han Barnes says:

    Hi there,

    Very informative vid. Just a couple of questions though … In your
    opinion, what timeframe is the most effective in seeing this pre-pump build
    up, and secondly what factors does a P&D’er look for when they A) select
    the exchange to do their P&D’s, and B) select a coin to pump? Thank you! 

  24. avatar Dick Gozinya says:

    You made 28% which means you dumped onto someone else…c’mon, You brag
    that you profited but then went on to hate on the people who created the
    opportunity for you to profit. Are you the pump and dumper or the player ?
    You played someone by selling into them which makes you both….. your a
    mental midget

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