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LIVE Bitcoin Trading – Huobi Spree and Fibonacci Lines Training

January 27th, 2015 | by BTC News
LIVE Bitcoin Trading – Huobi Spree and Fibonacci Lines Training
29 – Well we are hoping that Huobi Spree helps take us to new highs. We have a lot of coins to bust through tonight so it is hard to tel…


[INSTANT CA$ H ] - A 0 BitCoin Trade In Less Than 3 Minutes

Hey guys, this is where I made the trade in this video, Coinbase:…



  1. avatar tomburg2 says:

    Bitcoin is artful pyramid scheme.

  2. avatar Chris Washburn says:

    Very interesting to listen to. 

  3. avatar nieldsb says:

    i think the btc$ to ltc$ follows each other because people are selling ltc
    to buy btc via $? could be making it up

  4. avatar teknowiz22 says:

    Fibonacci lines and Fibonacci fans @ ~32:30 (32mins30secs) into video. very

  5. avatar awais raza says:

    Dude it takes too long to transfer t

  6. avatar audacityknight says:

    How much would it cost to mine Bitcoin? And does one have to BUY anything
    to mine Bitcoins? Or a simple download of the available softwares like you
    described earlier would be suffice? 

  7. avatar bob says:

    This works, I sold my bit coin from coin base last week.

  8. avatar ZeldaMCTeamCarbon says:

    I bought about 20 bitcoins about a year or two ago hoping for the price to
    go up and sold them all yesterday and made about 26k, totally worth the

  9. avatar Mohamed Azib says:

    GG !!!

  10. avatar Kyle Holzhauer says:

    Very cool man. 

  11. avatar matthew grinnell says:

    Where can I cash out Bitcoin to dollars? Maybe a good idea for a video.

  12. avatar Woutj86 says:

    Why not other back accounts? I can couple my dutch bank account to visa and
    paypal so stupid website. Bitstamp for me

  13. avatar Bob T says:

    dude is it only available in USA bank only>?

  14. avatar Bluehyfin says:

    when i buy on coinbase will that lock in the price i buy at? Until coins

  15. avatar spiralflame88 says:

    Much thanks for taking the time for these videos!

  16. avatar hawaiisnocone says:

    If I got the “TerraMiner II” that mines at 1Th/s would that be worth doing?
    Like would it pay for it self in a month or two and then generate hundreds
    of thousands in a year?

  17. avatar madmax194517 says:

    Hi, what exactly is the problem solving that you can create bit coins with.
    who are you solving it for and why? whats the difference in mining and
    buying price..It seems the price of bitcoin has doubled in such a short
    time? seems too good to be true.

  18. avatar Timmieisblack says:

    the price is going to keep rising…. why would you sell now?

  19. avatar ashik bisher says:

    i lyk u man…….. <3

  20. avatar drsjohnny says:

    so is it worth it to try this thing out because I was thinking of trying
    this out to help me pay off a few bills just wanted to know if this is any
    good or not because im on disability right now because of my eye problem so
    my jobs are limited on what I can do because of no car

  21. avatar Shane Greiner says:

    Amazing that your teaching us this thumbs up bro

  22. avatar david tran says:

    How long do you think the value will go up before it deflates like hell?

  23. avatar HardwareAddiction says:

    where did you buy that 1 bitcoin for 400$?

  24. avatar Julien Philippe says:

    Hey Jay, I cant mine any Coins because i dont have a AMD GPU, what do I

  25. avatar Jesus Christ says:

    Hey why are you still in the bitcoin business? i mean aren’t you paying
    more for Kwh then you are actually gaining, plus the cost of the hardware.

  26. avatar Drknoble says:

    In your last BTC video you recommended opening a new bank account. Did you
    open a new bank account with the bank you normally use or did you go to an
    entirely new bank? And did you create a new checkings or savings?

  27. avatar fOchIt0 says:

    Hey I’m using bitstamp because i’m not in the U.S. , but how long does the
    verification last, once you submitted it? on bitstamp that is. cheers

  28. avatar MultiGeekster says:

    what card you you have in your rig

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