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January 5th, 2015 | by BTC News

Circle's Bitcoin Banking Platform is Savvy Bid for Mainstream Market
Though questions about how Circle will expand and monetize this offering still remain, the company's first product demonstrates that the bitcoin industry as a whole has only begun to tap the potential of the technology, and that such applications could …
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Circle Launches Bitcoin Mobile App For Android And IOS
In the next step in its bid to become the bitcoin service provider for everyday users, Circle has launched mobile apps for Android and iOS. The app, which is available today, allows users to make payments, send and request money, and deposit and …
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Is Falling Bitcoin Value a Cause for Concern?
BitPay, Coinbase, and Circle have acquired a substantial first mover advantage by recognizing the current need for payment processors and hosted wallets. The best chance of a short term price impact through investment is the development of a “killer …
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