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Lastest Bitcoin Usb Miner News

January 1st, 2015 | by BTC News

RedFury 2.6GH USB miner now available
"We are aiming for new users who are wanting to get into bitcoin mining, and USB miners offer the cheapest capital investment now," says RedFury's Tiyo Triyanto. "With about USD $ 100 you can become a proud owner of Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware.".
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Mining Roundup: Solar-Powered Mining, DVR Malware and the 'Bitcoin Baron'
Solarminer customers do have to buy USB miners for the unit's 16 slots. However, there are a lot of different USB mining options available, and using something like, for example, the BitFury RedFury USB miner you could hash at 40 GH/s from one of these …
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