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January 18th, 2015 | by BTC News

The 'internet weirdos' of bitcoin are changing the way money works
The thing is, bitcoin is not just bitcoin the currency. It is a platform, a digital scaffolding upon which software engineers can build all kinds of novel applications, money-related or otherwise. It's called the block chain, and this core innovation …
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Block Chain 2.0: The Renaissance of Money
This is where the Block Chain begin to take shape. Every few minutes a 'block' of all the transactions occurring over the Bitcoin network is created by a miner. Essentially the miner has created a verified transaction file which holds a copied record …
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Why bitcoin is poised for big momentum in 2015
Some bitcoin developers and investors proclaim that within five years, all the major banks will be accepting bitcoin. That's a stretch, acknowledges Peter Smith, president of the bitcoin wallet Blockchain (not to be confused with the actual bitcoin …
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