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January 6th, 2015 | by BTC News

Belarus's 30% Tax on Foreign Currency Could Force Bitcoin to Take Root
Nonetheless, actions such as these, which are closer to capital controls even than the activities of the Russian Central Bank, will no doubt force particularly larger investors to seek out alternatives as a matter of urgency. Belarus has had a docile …
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Reserve Bank Governor: India “will adopt digital currencies at some point”
The Indian Reserve bank itself previously washed it hands of digital currencies as back in 2013 it declared that all domestic Bitcoin exchanges were not only “unregulated” but would remain that way. The Bank's alternative protection for consumers was …
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Bitcoin Alternatives Galore, but What's the Difference?
There isn't a BuzzFeed quiz to determine which cryptocurrency you are. But at the rate Bitcoin alternatives have been flooding the Internet in recent weeks and months, it can't be long, can it? The newest cryptocurrency, inspired by the aborted Coinye, …
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