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Keiser Report: Virgin Bitcoin vs Old Hag Pound (E443, ft. Frankie Boyle)

January 4th, 2015 | by BTC News
Keiser Report: Virgin Bitcoin vs Old Hag Pound (E443, ft. Frankie Boyle)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the currency of an independent Scotland. Max argues that bitcoin will force the ba…


In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bitcoin converts and the dual risk of deflation and inflation for holders of euros…
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  1. avatar colin moore says:

    poor old frankie..just a few dick jokes…he gets v boring v quickly

  2. avatar Eliot Banks says:

    Really interesting seeing alternative media in action in the UK, really
    shows how much mainstream media omits 

  3. avatar Bari Khan says:

    Max Keiser is misleading people here…. who cares about the banks being
    taken down by bitcoin? It’s worse to have all currency stored
    electronically, where it can be monitored by the sneaky freaky evil satanic
    moronic group of gog. Common Max, your mixing 1% lies here, which will
    mislead a lot of people as 99% of your stuff is spot on…. Please go back
    to your foundations, physical commodities for trading only… literal gold
    and silver, not electronic or paper.

  4. avatar Hassan Al Mansoori says:

    lol He speaks American accent 

  5. avatar L H1999 says:

    So you want a couple of examples of what England has done for Scotland?
    Well for a start we showed you how a country can mobilize to fight the
    Vikings in York, and then March all the way south to take on the Norman
    invader, who you later welcomed without a fight, as your noblemen. We later
    fought in a Civil War man for man against the same Norman Yoke of
    oppression, so there you go. English the Hollywood baddies, but the real
    Bravehearts of History. 

  6. avatar jonathan mano says:

    i agree we should be grateful about our grandparents fighting for our
    future but that doesn’t mean they wernt lead by pigs

  7. avatar L H1999 says:

    Good luck btw, but as far as the English baiting goes, you can all swivel.
    Merlin and this land, deep in my heart.

  8. avatar roddy2body says:

    No Mr sand man, we got the creative SPUNK! but while i’m here, why don’t
    you gimme a cpl of examples on what England has done for Scotland..? OK..
    even one ?? p.s. who needs the EU?!?! Iceland doesn’t.. Scandinavia
    doesn’t.. Scotland doesn’t! get it right round yae!

  9. avatar Benjamin Young says:

    What is wrong with this american shouting everything making head sore go
    back to america if you want to act like an uneducated dick this is Britain
    we don’t shout on TV 

  10. avatar Edvardo Anderson says:





  11. avatar iain findlater says:

    Vote for independence and stop our oil money going up George Osbornes nose,
    has anyone seen the state of places like London Birmingham and
    Bradford?!?!? Do u want Scotland to be full of mosques and romainians?!?!?

  12. avatar Alexander Rutkowski says:

    American’s have such a fucking steriotipical view of Scotland

  13. avatar English-RC says:

    Its all lies kiser looks like a sober crusty the clown and talks out his
    bum. Bitt coin thats a joke surly its being banned in asia. Or was

  14. avatar Lebowski9111 says:

    You will be queuing up to get into Scotland once we are gone,

    In Feb 1979 the Daily Express ran an editorial which asked:

    “How much of Scotland’s economy will be left intact if a Scottish Assembly
    gets the go-ahead on March 1? Will our coal mines go gaily on? Will
    Ravenscraig or Linwood thrive? Will Bathgate flourish and Dounreay prosper?”

    Where are they now?????

  15. avatar billyc2010 says:

    anybody notice the casual racism at the beginning?

  16. avatar Aden Fleming says:

    I would like to see the English people slagging the Scots off here live in
    a country ruled by another country. 

  17. avatar EagleEyeEire says:

    The most over looked thing about the pound debate is its not even
    important. How much the federal reserve prints everyday is what makes the
    difference to any country. Especially if that currency is subsurbiant to
    oil and energy pricing from foreign countries….and the pound is…which
    is the real debate that needs to be addressed. People from EVERY country
    needs to look on the privatised global printing press like it in itself is
    a terroristic tool.

    And with US history…its a fair assumption

  18. avatar Kilburn says:

    “The Scottish want freedom for the English rule”. You couldn’t make it
    sound more sinister. 

  19. avatar Tim but Dim says:

    I’ve heard Scotland costs the English taxpayer 50billion a year

  20. avatar James Anthony Carter says:

    What did he mean when he said inflation was actually 9%? its at 10:30

  21. avatar Crusty The Wank Sock says:

    A bouncy castle with Alzheimer’s ahahahaa fucking genius XD

  22. avatar Mittens2317 says:

    What the fuck is this shit?

  23. avatar Sam Eduard says:

    frank for mayor

  24. avatar Ronnie Rocket says:

    *Bitcoin is a virgin currency and will stay a virgin forever. The British
    Pound is an old hag that nobody wants.*
    So Scotland has all the oil and the creative spunk and wants to be free
    from London City. According to Osbourne, leaving the union will mean
    leaving the Pound. Should Scotland adopt the Euro or go 21st century and
    introduce Bitcoin as their national currency pushing them ahead of everyone
    else in the monitary markets? Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser have no doubt.
    #scotland #bitcoind #britishpound #euro 

  25. avatar MarvellousMuffin says:

    And surely the German, Dutch or Danish word comes from Caesar.

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