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Gridseed 5 chip Asic Miner – Scrypt & Dual Mode Setup

January 31st, 2015 | by BTC News
Gridseed 5 chip Asic Miner – Scrypt & Dual Mode Setup

Gridseed 5 chip Asic Miner - Scrypt & Dual Mode Setup

My look at the gridseed and a quick setup guide! Gridseeds don’t play well with Antminer U1/U2/U2+ so unplug them before use. Gridseed has a noisy 90mm fan o…



  1. avatar jakob stroud says:

    After 5 hours of trying to set up the start.bat file i finally realized
    that my antivirus was keeping it from connecting to the url of my pool but
    i finally got it nice video.

  2. avatar TheFunnyMuffinGamer says:

    hey man nice video and great info but when i mine the cg miner will mine
    and accepts shares but when i go to website it shows that i have no active
    miners ?? help 

  3. avatar Elliander Eldridge says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Before I used Zadig (on Windows 7 64-bit) I was at
    least able to mine for Litecoins, but after the devices don’t appear in the
    device manager anymore even after a reboot and nothing works. Neither does
    right-clicking to scan for changes. Showing hidden doesn’t help either.
    Zadig still sees the devices, but it has no undo command and without the
    ability to select it in the device manager I can’t reinstall the drivers.
    And of course, no miner will use it anymore either. I wish I never used

  4. avatar Jimmy Spencer says:

    WOW, I really cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your day to
    post this video, I have owned a Gridseed 5 Chip for about a month now,
    trying new drivers, and so forth, and gave up, decided I was bored enough
    for another failed attempt today and what do ya know!!!!! It actually is
    working!!!!!!! Again thank you SOOO much for your help and have a nice day,
    Keep posting, even if you dont get thankful comments all the time, know
    that you are helping people regardless

  5. avatar Just for Fun says:

    i start run the cgminer for bitcoin but half way the cgminer popup a msg
    and stop working ” cgminer.exe has stop working” do you have any solution
    for this? tq

  6. avatar Puresox333 says:

    How many Bit coins do you make , compared to how much electricity you use ,
    and cost of the Item? Does it equate to making a profit? I have no idea on
    how this Bit Coin mining works , it sounds very intriguing though.
    Actually just had a look at your other vids so ignore the comment.

  7. avatar METX210 says:

    I need to buy this handy little thing!

  8. avatar Auz says:

    I downloaded cgminer from your link and my files look different from yours.
    im trying to use scrypt only for dogecoin. is there another link?

  9. avatar Matthew Brown says:

    How do you get both drivers installed instead of one or the other? I have
    not been able to pull this off.

  10. avatar Abdelmoghit Outouairi says:

    i have a question pls, im in doubt between two offres, first its an
    antminer s1 for 320 €, and the second is 6 of those gridseed asic for 250€
    which one which one is more profitable ?

  11. avatar John Richards says:

    Hi I got 5 gridseeds how can I connect them all up to one pc?. Two is the
    max I can connect on one pc. 

  12. avatar Ab Cd says:

    I followed your instructions on dual mining setup. I now just want to do
    Scrypt mode, but I am not able to utilize your instructions to effect that
    change. I keep uninstalling all the drivers and such, but when I run a
    miner (bfgminer or cgminer) they either can’t find them, or find them and
    literally don’t use them.

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