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First of its kind: Bitcoin Hardware Wallet at CES 2014

January 18th, 2015 | by BTC News
First of its kind: Bitcoin Hardware Wallet at CES 2014

Butterfly Labs’ Bitsafe bitcoin hardware wallet. Possibly the first of its kind.



  1. avatar d3rrial says:

    I’m gonna buy one and I’m gonna hate myself for it… I know first-hand how
    unreliable ButterFly Labs is in regards to their ASICs. Let’s just hope
    they’re not generally unreliable and THIS TIME they’ll do it right and not
    put it up for pre-order… They have enough money now to fund a couple of
    production runs of this device…

  2. avatar mpsfyt says:

    Well, about the loss/theft thing… you gotta see this gadget as a
    traditional wallet. You don’t put ALL your money in your wallet, only a bit
    of cash you wanna carry around, the rest should be secured on a piece of
    paper or something at home. Or maybe even in your head.

  3. avatar Bickel098 says:

    As shitty of a company butterfly labs is supposed to be that doesn’t mean
    its wallet will suck.

    Just wait for reviews and if possible don’t order it from them. Order it
    from a vendor that has it in stock.

    Also as far as I understand you can always backup all your bitcoins before
    loading them onto a wallet so it’s not true that if you lose this device
    you lose your coins. Also don’t load ALL your coins onto it, that would be
    silly. That would be like me carrying ALL my money around in cash.


  4. avatar Shawn Howard says:


  5. avatar BitCoins says:

    The first of it’s kind: Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

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