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eCommerce Expo 2014 London – Bitcoin: how does it work and why do merchants want to accept it?

January 17th, 2015 | by BTC News
eCommerce Expo 2014 London – Bitcoin: how does it work and why do merchants want to accept it?

eCommerce Expo 2014 London - Bitcoin: how does it work and why do merchants want to accept it?

A very knowledgeable talk on Bitcoin from this years eCommerce Expo in London. Talking here is Akif Khan, VP Solution Strategy at Bitnet This was filmed in t…
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Make it Happen! Kids clothes, shoes, school supplies and kids toys in t…



  1. avatar Pierre Galeon says:
  2. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    The country is in greater debt than ever before and the derivatives are
    still out there. They’ve just been papered over by printed money. The
    boom/bust cycle will continue but they’ll happen faster. In booms stocks
    and real estate go up and precious metals get forgotten and they sink down.
    When the bust cycle hits we see layoffs, bank failures, and stocks fall and
    so does real estate. During the bust cycle people panic and drive the price
    of precious metals up.
    Last time around I took advantage of it, buying silver from 2006 to 2010. I
    didn’t trust the stock market so I dumped my surplus cash into the
    mortgage, paying off the condo in 2010 (11 years after I bought it), Then
    in 2012 I saw the recession bottom out and I picked up my house at the
    bottom of the market for 160k. I cashed in half my silver at 34 an ounce as
    my down payment. Then during the last two years as real estate and the
    stock market inflated, metals were forgotten and sank back down. Now metals
    are down around 16/oz while my house went from 160k to 220 or so. If it
    weren’t for bitcoin I’d be buying silver heavily right now. During the next
    bust we’ll see it increase again. I think we’re due for another nasty
    recession within the next 18 months or so

  3. avatar Thomas Therriault says:

    Great stuff. I too like to read and view predictions. What the hell,
    there’s nothing else going on this week. I see silver and gold being
    suppressed(manipulated by guess who)) right now. What does Goldman-Sacks
    think about it? A great buy at less then cost if you can be patient. It may
    be safer than storing your money(their money) in a savings account. I’m
    really keen to see what happens when the BRICS bank comes online. Happy New
    Year to you and yours. TT

  4. avatar rebels heart says:


  5. avatar djgrooveline says:

    Bofa claims this low price is in some part caused by a surplus. This
    surplus will last six months.

  6. avatar James Robinson says:

    Today is the first official day of winter, so far I’m feeling it’s not
    going to be as bad as last year. The next 7 days at least we are looking
    good in Indiana warming up to the 40’s to near 50 for Christmas. Will have
    to wait and see what January and February bring, those are the main 2

  7. avatar Enuf Alrdy says:

    Don’t forget that the new CA gas tax goes into effect in Jan. 2015. The tax
    can be anywhere from .40 cents to over $1.00 per gallon, on top of our
    current tax. When summer pricing rolls out we’ll probably be right back up
    to the $4 mark.

  8. avatar rebels heart says:

    You have a big heart, a good listener, dedicated father, responsible stay
    at home dad. I think society is seeing the rise of the Alpha female, the
    Beta male is going to be the new Alpha male. You are on the cusp of the new

  9. avatar NickSavage says:

    Good stuff

  10. avatar John Anderson says:

    your in xmas brainwashed condition buy toys buy more shit you don;t need
    buy buy buy wake up G4T your kids don’t need anymore toys , but at
    Salvation Army or recycle clothes from used places your kids don;t need the
    new brainwashed STYLES!

  11. avatar cincinnati funk says:

    Kids… don’t do drugs… 

  12. avatar TheMasterofrevenge says:

    Good work g4t. Three big things I see. Explosive growth in the prison jail
    industry and an acceptance of insane incarceration rates as people cannot
    make it in America. Companies will have to start housing their employees in
    great numbers as housing Costs make it impossible to keep a roof over your
    head. Americans will finally start fighting against their oppressors in
    real numbers and the police will be shown as the puppets they truly are as
    more citizens will be killed by the gang in blue

  13. avatar Mystery Solver says:

    Interesting overview of various points–well done once again my friend!

  14. avatar Allen James says:

    Come on G4t…

  15. avatar TheMasterofrevenge says:

    the powers that be will find someplace to put the non working underclass in
    2015…their first choice being in the ground!

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