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Dominic Frisby: Is Bitcoin The Future of Money?

January 21st, 2015 | by BTC News
Dominic Frisby: Is Bitcoin The Future of Money?

Jason Burack had on returning guest Dominic Frisby to talk about his new book, Bitcoin: The Future of Money? Dominic Frisby is an a…
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  2. avatar A Jones says:

    He’s VERY negative isn’t he? Dominic was THE perma gold bull in 2010, with
    mad over-the-top predictions. Now he has gone the other way completely.
    What a joke this guy is, he just makes massive generalizations. How can
    buying silver so low possible be a mistake? I simply don’t see it.

    Bitcoin? Don’t make me laugh. This guy just goes from one fad to another.
    He just wants some narrative or other to spew. Please stick to serious
    investors, not lightweight journalists like this.

  3. avatar Pat Fields says:

    Actors are very much like (intellectually lazy) lawyers. They expertly
    practice and hone delivering lines of both pro and con rhetoric to take one
    or another side of a controversy, according to the interest of their

    Strictly constructed logic is most often anathema to their ‘method’,
    supplanting it rather with emotionally compulsive ‘hot-button’ phraseology.
    Often, their self-betrayal is revealed by excessive focus on immediate
    circumstances. Their craven ‘have now’ propensity always shows through the
    temporary veneer taken on for the role.

  4. avatar Chi Townes says:

    Jason, good interview. One constructive criticism for this and many
    interviews though.

    You talk too much 🙂 you give long-winded intros and explanations to
    questions, often detailing your own opinion way too much.

    I do value your opinion (your podcast on mining stocks was excellent) but
    when interviewing you tend to take way too much time from your guests.

    Intend this to be helpful not negative.

  5. avatar Jonny Blaze says:

    excellent, anyone not converting at least some fiat to bitcoin at this
    point is missing a once in a lifetime opportunity

  6. avatar Jim x says:

    interesting but would be nice if the guest could get a work in edge ways

  7. avatar noodlesdoctor says:

    Dominic has a habit of turning from interviewee to interviewer, it’s
    amusing to listen to..

  8. avatar apostalofchrist says:

    The world ,elite ,Are driveing the mines producer into Bankruptcy ,So they
    can do what they did in the 30’s ,Buy at, dirt cheap prices and then drive
    the price of Gold and Silver up ,it’s a Rigged game, Shalom!!!

  9. avatar croc adile says:

    Factor in purchasing power, then the picture of Ag & Au is worse, but in 10
    years from now…price will not matter will it!

  10. avatar WallStForMainSt says:
  11. avatar croc adile says:

    This is a “BitCoin” pusher; stopped listening at 19:00; he does not factor
    in how much time and effort (money) it takes to mine and that cost is

  12. avatar croc adile says:

    Who is demonizing gold and silver? The same people who are buying
    it…nuff said!

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