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Dogecoin Founder Speaks — Bitcoin for Stripe Merchants — National Altcoin Round Up

January 18th, 2015 | by BTC News
Dogecoin Founder Speaks — Bitcoin for Stripe Merchants — National Altcoin Round Up

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  1. avatar Savage New says:

    California Coin… That bit is catchy!!! & I don’t give a bit what others
    think . ) I just registered it on It’s for sell for 100
    btc….. ) I’ll split the proceeds with you if you pump the idea….)))

  2. avatar Mark Reimer says:

    I think Mad Bitcoins should do a spot coming from Sloatsburg,
    NY….Gooooood Morrning Bitcoins……have a great night – From

  3. avatar FireFox Bancroft says:

    Wazzup my Doges?

  4. avatar DiabolicalOverlord says:

    Don’t forget Isracoin. I’m actually pretty excited about that one.

  5. avatar Tastylicious Studio says:

    I want a rabbitcoin. Then I can go buy some guns with them and shoot

  6. avatar Chris Reeves says:

    Siliconvalleycoin buddy, it does exist.

  7. avatar ChooseKnowledge says:

    Great vid!

  8. avatar screwityoutubization says:

    OMG… I’m going MAD! BITCOINS fluctuation is about to make my heart burst
    with the way things are going!

  9. avatar jizburg says:

    How does one of these airdrops work?

  10. avatar Bitcoin Odyssey says:

    Americacoin, haven’t I seen that coin?
    The dogecoin marketing goes along the lines of : Dogecoin = fun while
    Bitcoin = serious and unfriendly (personally, I think it sucks that
    dogecoin has a go at bitcoin…much unfriendly but hey). With dogecoin, the
    spamming/tipping has worked well, but I find it annoying. The tipping is
    about getting others to have skin in the game and possibly bring new money
    into the coin. Bitcoin’s growth was due to tipping, and still is no doubt.
    Bitcoin has been plagued by drug related issues that have dragged down it’s
    appeal. Mt.Gox has also done this lately. Shrem case, Karpeles,
    Ulbricht….it’s a pile of shit and I’m actually a bit over trying to explain
    the positives at the moment.

  11. avatar Ricardo H says:

    Goooodmorning bitcoin! 

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