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DLD14 – Bitcoin: Bubble or Boom? (Jeremy Allaire, Barry Silbert, Olaf Acker)

January 9th, 2015 | by BTC News
DLD14 – Bitcoin: Bubble or Boom? (Jeremy Allaire, Barry Silbert, Olaf Acker)

A talk about bitcoins with Jeremy Allaire (Circle), Barry Silbert (SecondMarket/Bitcoin Investment Trust), moderated by Olaf Acker (Booz digital).


Featuring Andreas M. Antonopoulos (, Derrick J. Freeman (, Davi Barker ( and M…
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  1. avatar Nathan Shorter says:

    bitcoin is awesome!

  2. avatar Jeanette Foresta says:

    So far-Virgin Galactic Airlines, a subway franchise in PA,Target, some
    coffee shops, some laundromats, I believe Ford Motors, and Overstock are
    taking it. WellsFargo’s concern is they will lose a lot of money. I myself
    have not verified my account yet. I liked the fact that I was able to buy
    .96% of one, In BBC news:The two heads of BitInstant have both been
    charged with “alleged” money laundering Mon. 1-28-14. Mean-time HSBC was
    charged with selling arms to the Mexican drug cartels and only got a small
    fine considering the billions they gave.

  3. avatar Craig Rice says:

    Get on the BTC train now!

  4. avatar trident3b says:

    so the NSA will have a field day with bitcoin? See everything all
    transactions and enable others to cook up some story as to what they think
    someone is doing with their money? Sounds like big brother is really
    gaining momentum.

  5. avatar Titus Malengy says:

    These guys are the typical Pump and Dump prophets. Ones who got into it
    early, bought cheap and dumped their stock at high, made off with good
    money. But anything that goes from 2 $ a piece to 800 in a short time is
    just a bubble and nothing more.

    I think I’ll stack the real stuff!

  6. avatar Roman Krpoun says:

    [DLD14 – Bitcoin: Bubble or Boom? (Jeremy Allaire, Barry Silbert, Olaf

    Ich halte inzwischen auch ein paar BTC und glaube das wird was…

  7. avatar nappiral says:

    Nice panel.

  8. avatar Michael John says:

    You want to mine bitcoins the easy way? Cloud mining, boost profits,no
    loss,no downtime and easy.

  9. avatar Scott Wilhelmsen says:

    normal people are boring… what’s wrong with you? let him speak with a
    voice that suits him, you voice nazi! And it makes sense, “Mad BTC” this is
    not normal BTC, who wants to invest in normal BTC? BTW, in this video there
    was a normal guy, and he used the word “interject”, that means he’s normal
    and geek sheek, you should like it.

  10. avatar Danilo Bertagnon Fernandes says:

    in restaurantes, all you have to do is to have a different BTC address to
    each item on the menu, for each table.
    You just scan with a mobile to order and pay at the same time. in the
    kitchen, every payment is an order to a table. you don`t even need a
    waitress anymore!!! 

  11. avatar Tusk Bilasimo says:

    How is a homeless guy going to get the requisite FICA utility bill or proof
    of address to open a bank account. Viva BitCoin Viva! 

  12. avatar Harald A. Weber says:

    The Bitcoin Group #2 (Live) – Bitcoin Bubble? – China and Bitcoins –
    Bitcoin & the Homeless

    The Bitcoin Group #2 (Live) – Bitcoin Bubble? – China and Bitcoins –
    Bitcoin & the Homeless

  13. avatar CriticalThinker08 says:

    please send me a few satoshis so I can learn how to use them:

  14. avatar Chris Haan says:

    The Bitcoin Group is a parody of a very famous, public television political
    discussion show called the Mclaughlin group. The narrator’s funny voice is
    a parody of the very famous political pundit John Mclaughlin. These
    brilliant Bitcoin Mavens are just emphasizing the irreverence at the core
    of the bitcoin revolution. 

  15. avatar Daniel Mendoza says:

    Wanna get some bitcoins? Play this age of empires style game for free where
    you can trade its gold into real bitcoins!! join now before it skyrockets w (remove space)

  16. avatar Andy Pag says:

    Why the stupid voice?

    Funny to watch this one month later and seeing how little anyone knows.

  17. avatar Chris Haan says:

    The Bitcoin Group will one day be seen as the alt-coin Bilderberg group..
    but acting for the greater good, not the greater evil.

  18. avatar Danilo Bertagnon Fernandes says:

    I expect better hardware, software, better internet. 

  19. avatar Danilo Bertagnon Fernandes says:

    great work guys

  20. avatar Dima Ivanov says:

    +Derrick J. Freeman This is you, right? Bitcoin is not illegal in timeline
    – that was a rumor that has been debunked –

  21. avatar dick doov says:

    please send bitcoins:

  22. avatar Bitcoin News says:

    Remember everyone send bitcoins to me if you dont want them LOL

  23. avatar nagasako7 says:

    Please stop talking like that… please… It’s too weird.

  24. avatar neurotraveller says:


  25. avatar Sourpuss Candy says:

    Hi, would you please post the names of the guests? thanks

  26. avatar globalbotboy says:

    Chinese government is fearfully sitting atop a rumbling volcano of 600
    million deeply impoverished people. Thus, the government encourages popular
    investment in Gold, Silver and now Bitcoin because they want as many people
    as possible to be invested and have hope in an organized future – not a
    chaotic revolt.

  27. avatar Ron Campbell says:

    Love the content! Great discussions and guests. But production values…
    uhhh. Need edits, and a McLaughlin-like techo-anthem theme. And a
    voice-over at the start wouldn’t hurt… “Live, unrehearsed (and it

  28. avatar world bitcoin network says:


  29. avatar Satoshi Nakamoto says:

    Great show! looking forward to next friday!

  30. avatar Gestet Ner says:

    Names are all listed in the description above.

  31. avatar karmacologist says:

    Why the goofiness?

  32. avatar crisisofconsciousnes says:

    keep it up man… be shit if everyone was the same…

  33. avatar Kyle Mahon says:

    good video man, but you gotta stop talking like a 60s radio guy.

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