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Coinpunk HTML5 QR code transaction at Subway in Allentown, PA

January 1st, 2015 | by BTC News
Coinpunk HTML5 QR code transaction at Subway in Allentown, PA

We conduct the first non-native app Bitcoin point-of-sale transaction with Coinpunk on a mobile phone with a web browser! Happy Bitcoin Black Friday everyone.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 If you want to tip US, here is our wallet number! 1AS2ChgrX2SpKSLEHqkSwbWiY1QWV2Vad This is the QR code tipping method described by…
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  1. avatar world bitcoin network says:

    Great work. Very exciting. You deserved the cookie!

  2. avatar mpsylvan says:

    nice job dude!

  3. avatar Platonicgap says:

    Go Kyle!

  4. avatar T dot E says:

    Very nice. Good news for Windows Phone users like me!

  5. avatar neosatus says:

    Awesome, congrats, glad it worked :)

  6. avatar John Galt says:


  7. avatar BIPS says:

    We agree HTML QR Scanning works pretty well. We are happy you managed to
    make a solution as well, no app store can ban this.

    With Android, you can even make it scan real-time, just like a native app.
    You might want to look into this.

    Are you decoding the QR code (photo) in Javascript as well? Otherwise
    contact us and we will be happy to share our solution.

  8. avatar Patrick O'Brien says:

    hell yeah, dat cookie.

  9. avatar champbronc3 says:

    So awesome!!!!

  10. avatar Eric Cogen says:

    This is awesome!, go #coinpunk go #bitcoin

  11. avatar Freezeee says:

    someones terribly excited 🙂

  12. avatar nagasako7 says:

    Plus you got a free bonus cookie

  13. avatar Agent Office says:

    Bitch has no clue lol

  14. avatar Alejandro Amador says:

    Great ! so Coinpunk is uploading the QR code image ? or is using the
    browser File API ? 

  15. avatar Enky Nakamura says:


  16. avatar aquapurity says:

    that was awesome

  17. avatar David Hart says:

    Very cool.

  18. avatar Flibbr says:

    Good work Kyle

  19. avatar kristoffer nolgren says:

    that’s really cool I like the guys in the store though: zero fucks given!

  20. avatar stroomkrooma says:

    Does this work on Firefox OS? Please make it so!

  21. avatar Stuart Radforth says:

    Good job!

  22. avatar Danster82 says:

    The store just needs a permenant QR display at the till for its receive
    address so they dont have to muck about with tablets.

  23. avatar MindSpiritSoulOne says:

    It works….hooray. Much wow, victory against Apples ban.

  24. avatar Rene A. says:

    nice! hope that will work in all subways soon

  25. avatar Felipe Micaroni Lalli says:

    Try also bitcoin Paranoid.

  26. avatar ruimotagames says:

    quem está aqui por causa do Dâniel Fraga

  27. avatar Hank says:

    what’s the app ?

  28. avatar BITCOINFTW says:

    Californian based “Coinbase”. Its’ exchange/merchant services…somewhat
    comparable to paypal of bitcoin

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