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Cloud mining with how to make the most of the bitcoin gold rush

January 16th, 2015 | by BTC News
Cloud mining with how to make the most of the bitcoin gold rush

Click this to go to I created this video before xmas. The new program I got to make better videos seems to not be do…


Follow along as I set up minerd on a Google Cloud instance to mine magicoin at suchpool. I use the guide at:…
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  1. avatar Don Surratt says:

    Video starts at 5:15 . . . 

  2. avatar Fockee Youie says:


  3. avatar Bob Riopel says:

    Are you a blonde?

  4. avatar Digital Brass says:

    jesus are yout alking about putting salt on your dinner for… 

  5. avatar Funny Weird Amazing says:

    Very nice i sent a prive message please reply :)

  6. avatar Sergey Skalenko says:

    Purse PTS certainly not doubler five minutes, but deposit it in a month you
    get 10% of the deposit. Refund your deposit after 3 months + a week, for
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  7. avatar ChronosTrigger says:

    wheres the part 2?

  8. avatar ken Carothers says:

    Great videos! Thanks for taking the time to put them together. I believe
    that cloud mining is the next stage in mining by allowing the masses to
    enter mining without having to understand what hardware to buy and operate.
    The only pushback I get is from young miners with equipment that, I
    believe, feel superior than everyone else because they have the hardware.
    Cloud mining is a no-brainer.
    Keep up the great work!

  9. avatar Terrence Merchant says:

    thank you for posting this video Rick… i still need to buy more after
    earning from my 38gh/s

  10. avatar Bitcoin Evolution says:

    Well, I believe the price per 1 GHs is too high. I bought 500 GHs miner for
    6k in November, if I would do it on CEX I’d have to pay like 50k for the
    same amount. 

  11. avatar odqolvlopbo says:

    @0.063 BTC – “I would advise you to buy. I would not advise you to sell. Do
    not sell your GH in fear that you might lose more.”

    Well, 8 days later, the price has dropped another 30% to 0.042 BTC. Should
    I buy more?

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  13. avatar Modern Investments in crypto currency says:

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