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CEPOS: Bitcoin – Scam or a road to freedom?

January 29th, 2015 | by BTC News
CEPOS: Bitcoin – Scam or a road to freedom?

On October 25th 2011 CEPOS hosted an event about what the world would look like if the money was no longer controlled by central banks? If you can instantly …


Mike Stathis Comments On Recent Events … Tuesday, March 4, 2014, by Staff … Uploaded / mirrored from:…
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  1. avatar Milo Sko says:


  2. avatar Dane4life says:

    Bitcoin. At veksle sin ene valuta til en anden valuta. Cepos for helvede!
    Hvor svært kan det være lol

  3. avatar Misato Katsuragi says:

    I am for anything the will eliminate the central banks, but bitcoin is a
    scam. It’s a ponzy scheme. Not only that, the central bankers will make it
    useless if it isn’t a ponzi scheme. They will regulate the internet to such
    an extent, that bitcoins won’t be useable. They are already trying to
    control the internet with SOPA, CISPA, etc. And because you can’t use
    bitcoins for real payments, only internet transactions, it’s just a scheme.

  4. avatar Schitty Pete says:

    I saw an “interview” with Jeff Berwick where he was too stoned to put
    coherent sentences together.

  5. avatar CaribSurfKing1 says:

    You forgot Eric King i.e. King World News! The ultimate bullshit investment
    site in the world!

  6. avatar reality says:

    Dead on video! The truth is painful.

  7. avatar dieter schanzer says:

    are you on a motorboat?

  8. avatar slobomotion says:

    There are some okay points here, other points I don’t agree with. So,
    thanks. I won’t even argue with people on bitcoin. They fail to see the
    platform is not robust. Their logic has gone out the window. I used to
    work in pump ‘n’ dump in NYC, my last two years there. There is a sucker
    born every minute. My best job was with the Fed, by the way. I was their
    sole paralegal in NYC. I listen to all kinds of stuff, read all kinds of
    stuff (former reg rep, research assistant, analyst, front middle and back
    office manager, on two continents). Will uprate this clip.

  9. avatar Brian McHugh says:

    Global? 66 subs, is that spread out over the world, or your friend’s list?

  10. avatar Peter Pan says:

    When I heard the phrase “you batter stay with establishment” I allowed
    myself a few more minutes to listen to this BS. Yeah, morons, keep stacking
    up paper denominated debts as you savings, keep buying into the stock
    market. Yeah, morons, keep feeding the paper Ponzi scheme, instead of
    exchanging paper for assets. Yeah, morons, keep eating GMO foods from
    Walmart and drinking fluoridated water. Yeah keep doing it, we’ll see what
    happens. Another thing. Those greedy bastards like Alex Jones sell you
    something. I guess this guy gives away his books for free, right?

  11. avatar Pat TheHombre says:

    For the record, I invested heavily as per Doug Casey recommendations.
    Did exactly what he suggested.
    Lost 25k.
    Just mentioning.

  12. avatar noodlesdoctor says:

    Hell what is that noise NOT in the background? 

  13. avatar slobomotion says:

    I think it was that legislation in Clinton’s last year which made for no
    bankers in the US doing hard time anymore and really, for TARP to be
    possible — he also revoked Glass-Steagall. Have you read OUR CROWD by S.

  14. avatar overheadwaves says:

    Why do you bother trying to justify the price of a stock. Ignore the news.
    Ride the wave. Don’t waste your time on the reasoning behind stock
    moves. Focus on the trend until otherwise. So what if Yahoo is over
    valued, stock can stay over valued for unpredictable periods of time.. wake

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