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BITNEWS: Apple Pay and BrainTree, PayPal, Bitcoin Plus Gem Launch at TechCrunch Disrupt

January 2nd, 2015 | by BTC News
BITNEWS: Apple Pay and BrainTree, PayPal, Bitcoin Plus Gem Launch at TechCrunch Disrupt

BITNEWS: Details on Apple Pay, BrainTree, PayPal and Bitcoin Plus Gem, TechCrunch Disrupt’s First Bitcoin Company to Demo Like us on Facebook http://facebook…
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  1. avatar Tina Hui says:

    Today’s BitNews is up! So many updates today and yesterday from Apple and
    TechCrunch Disrupt yesterday!!

    Are Apple, PayPal, Uber, AirBnB and more going to accept Bitcoin? It’s all
    a possibility someday thanks to BrainTree. Get the scoop!

  2. avatar Adrian Clavijo says:

    This is what I would look like if I started vloging, just not as cute, or
    pleasant to look at. 

  3. avatar James Hetherington says:

    Paypal accepting Bitcoin would be HUGE – as it would likely have major flow
    on effects to other areas such as Ebay & they would be silly to avoid it or
    challenge it as there bottomline would see all the benefits of such low
    fees, as well as consumers not having to wait 2-3 business days to get
    funds processed then ALSO having time of shipping added on as well –
    Compared to 15 Minutes to receive payment! (with NO private details of
    users being divulged). Companies will have to soon decide whether low fees
    forever, trumps – advertiser revenue… Especially if consumers decide
    “Hey, I CHOOSE not to have you know everything about me without my

  4. avatar James Hetherington says:

    Apple Pay could’ve been alot more damaging for the future of Bitcoin if
    they had created its own virtual currency. However, with Bitcoin wallets
    still accessible on Apple devices, heavy corporate influence from the major
    banks, as well as privacy risks (which Apple is never too far away from)
    This new avenue will likely only be used by a fair few faithful
    individuals, however it is no real ‘game changer’ for the long-term
    interests of consumers needs, Apple probably would’ve been better off if
    they incorporated Bitcoin & added a small fee (like they do for songs on
    Itunes) for mainstream usage as Paypal will likely do.

  5. avatar olaru gabriel says:

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  6. avatar John Jax says:

    Don’t trust apple with my money.. Bitcoin is easier.. Because banking
    from Apple + Chase sounds like a nightmare.

  7. avatar Dustin Hinrichs says:

    thanks for the show, good stuff

  8. avatar Shaman Voodoo says:

    Bitcoin tooo-theee- mooooon Bitcoin to the moon1

  9. avatar Follow The Coin says:

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