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Bitcoin – What is it?

January 4th, 2015 | by BTC News
Bitcoin – What is it?

Bitcoin - What is it?

What is bitcoin? More free lessons at: Video by Zulfikar Ramzan. Zulfikar Ramzan is a world-leading expert in …



  1. avatar Home Masterminds says:

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  2. avatar Jacob Foster says:

    Fantastic Introduction to #bitcoin by Khan Academy! #netsec

  3. avatar Vanson Tzu-Chun Lin says:

    Mt. Gox….

  4. avatar waldox says:

    please post your bitcoin address in your about section
    on all your bitcoin videos so we can donate for more bitcoin videos

  5. avatar I'm Tyler :3 says:

    So I just made a address via blockchain, 1SvUTFBuADPL3WxpJkxDEWUXxWLo4N8k8
    So you are saying anyone is able to just donate me any amount of money?
    with out me know them? or doing anything? I’m in! lol

  6. avatar paulceltics says:

    where is Sal

  7. avatar adamo199412 says:

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  8. avatar Got Face says:

    This is so dumb, i have a currency called poop. Anyone can make and trade
    it! If anyones interested in my poop hit me up! 

  9. avatar Faisal Alsarraf says:

    he clearly said “this is the new currency”. creepy. 2:45

  10. avatar Colin Poole says:

    If you don’t have a credit card or a bank account how do you get bitcoins
    to begin with? To start using as your online currency?

  11. avatar Edward Koo says:

    This guy really makes sure to mention Mt. Gox!

  12. avatar Bernardo Lameiras says:
  13. avatar Оксана О says:
  14. avatar Ольга Журавлёва says:
  15. avatar Maciej Niepamiętam says:

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  16. avatar Nickson Tan says:

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  17. avatar Shawn Jones says:

    Sounds like a pyramid scheme backed by nothing and something great for
    human traffickers to hide their activity with, or so you would be
    brainwashed to think so. Im sure those at the higher levels of the pyramid
    scheme will make a lot. Anyone who thinks an algorithm or transaction is
    100% secure because your tv told you so shouldnt discuss technology like
    they understand it. Yet again this page seems to display blatent propaganda
    as most “school teachers” are only capable of understanding.

  18. avatar Shawn Jones says:

    Sorry *regurgitaging*. Understanding is hardly what most schools and
    teachers are capable of.

  19. avatar Michael Manley says:

    So I can “mine” or I can give real money for bitcoins? Where the market
    fluctuates between a bitcoin equally $100 or $0.08 within a matter of hours?
    Sounds legit – lets give these guys are money so that it doesn’t equal
    anything to us and still equals $100 in their pocket _ 

  20. avatar Shane Gilphilian says:

    hey i’ll help u out if u do the same i’ll
    refer back to you

  21. avatar Nicolas Gandriau says:

    Discovering bitcoin

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