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Bitcoin Video Podcast

January 21st, 2015 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Video Podcast

A Bitcoin F.A.Q. of sorts, in video podcast format For Bitcoin tips: 1NuHdXyFQgmiHthWe8zXLcDqH7R68HGW8w…
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  1. avatar GDuff123 says:

    Hey David, just wanted to tell you what will happen when all 21 million
    coins are mined:

    A deflationary event will occur, which is believed to be beneficial by
    Austrian economists like myself and other Bitcoin supporters, and of course
    developers. It leads to a reduction in price of services and cost of
    production, meaning profits are not reduced, and simultaneously encourages
    hoarding, which lowers interest rates and incentivizes investment by

  2. avatar Alex Houchens says:

    Because you’ve been talking about bitcoin, I have subscribed!

  3. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Not a bad intro on bitcoins. Is the young woman some kind of journalist?
    I subscribed to your channel because of your bitcoin content. I haven’t yet
    checked out your podcast however.
    I’m also pretty bullish on bitcoin. With all the genius level talent and
    millions of dollars in venture capital inflows to this area I can’t see
    this thing failing. It’s slow to be adopted of course but that’s due to the
    massive inertia involved. The cheaper transaction fees among other things
    are what amounts to a small engine on ship. It’s acceleration is slow but
    once it gets going it will be hard to stop. It’s cool that we have some
    time to accumulate a good position. We might not see this thing skyrocket
    for another year. I’m in it for the long haul though. I generally buy about
    8 or 900 worth of bitcoin each month. I got in after the big run up so that
    900 used to only get me one btc but not it gets me two. My personal price
    target is about 30 thousand within the next two years. If that rolls around
    I’ll cash in 4.6 worth of btc and payoff my house. Then I’ll be on easy
    street (even easier than now, lol). Without a mortgage and with the rental
    income from my old (paid off) condo, I’ll be able to live comfortably on
    about 30% of my take home pay.

  4. avatar clixbits says:

    used to love your posts, but your video posts have become SO bitcoin
    centirc, I’ve decided I will no longer be subscribing.

  5. avatar Bitcoin Odyssey says:

    1) “Fees 25 or 30 cents” ? – the fee can be zero cents. Fees were around 5
    cents but are to be 1/2 a cent. Has this been implemented, I’ll have to
    check it out.

    2) $600,000,000 ? Watch james D’Angelo’s two sobering vids Nightmare of a
    51% attack.

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