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Bitcoin rates plummet 58% in 2014

January 2nd, 2015 | by BTC News
<b>Bitcoin</b> rates plummet 58% in 2014

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PHOTO: Philip McMaster,

Hong Kong Etherium Meetup.
Vitalik Buterin illustrates how Etherium can be used by to create a "Pay It Forward" time limit on CC Coins, and attach "Provenance" to each coin.

Thanks For the PIZZA Jehan!


Bitcoin rates plummet 58% in 2014
The value of popular digital currency bitcoin declined by about 58% in 2014 – the cryptocurrency's most trying year. According to calculations done by IBTimes UK, based on historical price data provided by CoinDesk, bitcoin opened at $ 757.49 on 1 …
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Forget Bitcoin Price and Bet on Bitcoin Killer Apps
But the march of Bitcoin continues – the less Bitcoin is seen as a speculative currency, the easier is to realize the real unique advantages of Bitcoin and to spot potential killer apps, and the easier it will be for Bitcoin to gain momentum as a …
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