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Bitcoin Mining Guide Part 2- Hardware Setup | EpicReviewGuys

January 30th, 2015 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Mining Guide Part 2- Hardware Setup | EpicReviewGuys

Our Bitcoin mining hardware arrived and we set it to hashing. We went with the newly released Bitmain Antminer U-1- It …
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Trezor: Bitcoin hardware wallet TREZOR is a hardware wallet for Bitcoin. We identified security of the end users’ computer as one of the main problems that b…



  1. avatar Blakehx says:

    Will this work on an Apple computer? What if my computer has 4 USB ports,
    can u run 4 miners and make a lot more money? I assume you would make a lot
    more on a computer with cable internet instead of DSL or dial-up, is that

  2. avatar da bamman says:

    actually if you have the right hardware it will go alot faster than that
    dinky little USB no offense but research on the mining programs that are
    free they help to.

  3. avatar gamasgaming says:

    i have 7 of the u2 ones 

  4. avatar Briawna Young says:

    Also, My fiancee says you should mine Altcoins instead and then trade them
    for Bitcoin on an exchange… It’s a much faster payout then mining BTC

  5. avatar John Payne says:

    Great Video ! Just wondering how does your antivirus handle the miner ?
    Also what are the risk that you may get a virus or be hacked with the unit
    running all the time? I know you do a lot of homework before using anything
    but have you read of any security problems using bit miners ? 

  6. avatar Anita Sachs says:


  7. avatar mike vermeer says:

    how do you do this on a raspberry pi? do the same programs work on it

  8. avatar grizlyadams74 says:

    bitmaintech is a scam do not buy 1 month to deliver a broken miner

  9. avatar Chris Johnson says:

    Have you worked out that you will never mine enough to get to the payout

  10. avatar Emanuel Warzel says:

    thanks for the tutorial, it helped a lot. Could you please tell me how to
    set up the antminer once the url and the username and password was put in?
    I’m stuck on a 0.0000h/s rate which really sucks.
    Cherry Bomb

  11. avatar Briawna Young says:

    Woohoo! Awesome Paris! (Is that how you spell your name???)

  12. avatar EpicReviewGuys says:

    Our Bitcoin miner arrives- we set it up and start mining. After mining 2
    days we seen how rich we’ve become!

  13. avatar mkline718 says:

    If you could just go back in time and mine. Very hard to mine and make
    real money these days

  14. avatar Public Disturbance Now says:

    Nice video.
    Could u please put a download link to that batch file as txt file? U can
    change the address in there or username and password. just to get the idea
    how it’s done and I will put my info there. Cheers

  15. avatar Curtis Wang says:

    With the Bitmain Antminer U-1- can you mine alt coins or is this only for
    bit coins?

  16. avatar Stephanie Hamilton says:

    Wish I understood it all but I don’t even get the whole concept of money

  17. avatar Gen Eric says:

    Your Part 1 link on the vid screen doesn’t work. You click on it and it
    just starts over Part 2.

  18. avatar Jeremy Goldberg says:

    I remember when collecting cans was considered lucrative, and the first
    beggar for change that became a millionaire, yes I’m from New York, hope
    this works out for you, still don’t understand it but hope this pans out.
    get it pans. :)

  19. avatar Jonathan Harchick says:

    you say it pays for it’s self in about 6 months. Do you factor in the cost
    you’re paying for electricity? 

  20. avatar David Thomas says:

    Wow im totally, is there actual people somewhere in the world
    physically mining, digging up earth for these bitcoins?

  21. avatar Coconut Head says:


  22. avatar Co⊙zEb○Yz says:

    Sounds like your better off buying and selling items on ebay. Bitcoins a
    fad that will go to zero in about a year. But good luck, who really knows?

  23. avatar Avatar X says:

    *Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Presentation*

    Damn. Someone should have done a question on the pricing issue. But at
    least we can more or less see how it will be once it starts shipping this

  24. avatar Phisit Nakapun says:

    Trezor: Bitcoin hardware wallet [30c3]

  25. avatar Hubert Dekock says:

    Trezor: Bitcoin hardware wallet [30c3]

  26. avatar 森健一 says:

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    Choice the Hacker moment.,
    Gored gode thanks Gremlin people.,
    Three tone micro make broadband sound pace maker.,
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