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Bitcoin Investment Advice – Bullet Proof Advice for Investing in Bitcoins

January 2nd, 2015 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Investment Advice – Bullet Proof Advice for Investing in Bitcoins

Don’t take my advice, don’t take anybodies advice, do your own research and make decisions on that basis ONLY. A lot of people offering bitcoin investment ad…
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Find out more about Bitcoin from “Pioneering venture capitalist Tim Draper has been revealed as the winner of the US Marshals auction of …
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. avatar Xanh says:

    Did u became rich? i remember bitcoins worth nothing and then it was worth
    900 dollars for 1 bitcoin :S

  2. avatar Walker Haw says:

    fuckin rite my man

  3. avatar TheAngelic SeraphimFarron says:

    I am new to these bitcoin and i want to know how and what you need to do
    first thing first if you decide you want to invest and make money in
    bitcoin thank you brother.

  4. avatar darkridr25 says:

    This is the best advice I’ve heard so far about the future of Bitcoin, and
    I hope many others hear your advice and take it. I have this video saved to
    my favorites, and when anyone asks me what I think about investing in it,
    I’ll send this link to them.

  5. avatar pyrrho314 says:

    for it to work it needs to be used as a currency…

  6. avatar CryptoCurrency says:

    Only the miners and wallet services really need to worry about that – and
    they (we) are already spending a LOT of money on speed, so the size of the
    blockchain won’t ever be a problem. Yeah, concisely, its only bitcoin
    service providers that need to store the blockchain.

  7. avatar Johnnybtv3 says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your videos, especially since I am not a programmer or
    hacker, or even all that great with computers for that matter. Anyway, I
    read the other day that because the blockchain is growing exponentially to
    participate in bitcoin everyone will very soon need extremely powerful
    computers. Why does this not kill this baby in the crib? The article is at
    testosterone pit website dated 4/9 if you would like to look. Are they
    exaggerating the problem? Anyway good job on the videos!

  8. avatar Graham1786 says:

    That link looks dodgy dumbo

  9. avatar Matthew Fredson says:

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  10. avatar MonkArt says:

    As the Dollars worth drops, Bitcoin will be the only logical means of
    distance paying.
    Locally I like gold and silver to fly under the bankers radar. ;)

  11. avatar Asep Dendi says:


  12. avatar Joe Rhang says:


  13. avatar Mark Isaac says:

    I want to know the black side of this Bitcoin currency .. Is it forbidden
    or Hidden ??
    I wish to interview some professionals to tell us about that ?? 

  14. avatar esteh pro says:

    its cool !!! bset choice

  15. avatar jean-yves LE PROHON says:

    good video

  16. avatar UNA471 says:

    good video

  17. avatar aleksei v says:


  18. avatar Наталья Заика says:


  19. avatar aleksei v says:


  20. avatar Lond On says:


  21. avatar aleksei v says:


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