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Bitcoin in the News – A Video Compilation

January 18th, 2015 | by BTC News
Bitcoin in the News – A Video Compilation

Trying to tell the story of Bitcoin through news footage. It’s a work in progress and will be adding more recent footage, and Senate hearings. LEAVE A COMMEN…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Donate Bitcoins to MadBitcoins August 11, 2014 — Tiberon, California Special Thanks to Bi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. avatar Phil Calfee says:

    Hey, check out this video I edited using news footage about Bitcoin

  2. avatar Phil Calfee says:

    Hey, Check out this #Bitcoin News Compilation video that I edited.

  3. avatar Phil Calfee says:

    #bitcoin in the News – A Video Compilation

  4. avatar jeroeniskoning says:

    Nice compilation. Thank you ;-)

  5. avatar Jonathan James Harrison says:

    This video makes me emotional. 

  6. avatar Liliane Calfee says:

    BITCOIN = GOLD 2.0. Capped at 21 Million. A virtual currency that can not
    be debased by governments or corporations. I like that this shows ALL the
    various reactions to Bitcoin, both positive and negative. Whether you “buy
    it” or not, those 7 minutes of mass media clips streamed together allows
    you to see the reaction on every side. I’m still figuring it out myself,
    but this definitely did its job of getting my attention!

  7. avatar An R key _ says:

    Finally, the bankers can go and get bent!

  8. avatar Arron Schaar says:

    Great video, It would be awesome if you could splice in some testimony
    from the Senate hearings.

  9. avatar cybersasho says:

    thats really good. well done

  10. avatar Charlie Ocasek says:

    “massive multiplayer online game where speculators are trying to
    out-speculate each other”

    bitcoins? about the entire world stocks and commodities markets!?

  11. avatar Pat Jack says:

    Excellent. The similarities in strained vocal tones, bugged out eyes, tense
    shoulders, a forward lean, all the body language that says “reactive and
    concerned”. Never before in the history of fiat currency have the private
    paper printing bankers and their propaganda minions, NEVER in the history
    of “The Bank” have they ever shown this reactive posture and concern about
    any other financial instrument. And the BEST part is they do not understand
    it and most of them do not possess the training or background, or mental
    horsepower to EVER … understand CryptoCurrency.

  12. avatar Powerful says:

    i love how none of them no what their talking about but they go on to say
    its going to be shut down

  13. avatar Trub1n says:

    “Why accept bitcoin?” “Why not?” I personally accept payments in bitcoin
    for architectural design services.

  14. avatar quarry22 says:

    It seems no matter how many bad things I hear about bitcoin I can’t seem to
    give a fck. Bitcoin will be the future.

  15. avatar Latino Mate says:

    “The president we need today is Thomas Jefferson. He said that we needed a
    revolution every generation. Thomas Jefferson said you have to be ready in
    order to preserve the vitality of your liberty and your freedom; to defend
    it, not by overthrowing anything else except for what you have been holding
    in your head that may not be applicable anymore. We’ve gotten very lazy.
    We’re many generations overdue for a revolution in our thinking. I’m not
    talking about blood and violence; although I’m afraid that’s already
    happening. I’m talking about a revolution that’s probably the hardest kind,
    the kind that takes place inside the human soul and the human mind, to be
    able to tear everything down, throw everything out, and start with a
    completely fresh piece of paper and say, “Okay, how do we solve this
    problem?” – Michael C. Ruppert (Collapse Movie)

  16. avatar Rupert Bryant-Greene says:

    this is excellent

  17. avatar Jaime Warlock says:

    So much ignorance about Bitcoin in such a short time.

  18. avatar Paul Boldra says:

    Excellent work, but leaves people in doubt as to whether it’s up or down
    right now. Maybe you should mention or link to a chart like

  19. avatar voogru says:

    Ultimately, bitcoin is a protocol. If bitcoin really takes off, nobody will
    know they are even using it. Billions of people use the internet, but most
    don’t even know what HTTP stands for.

    I love the amount of skepticism and negativity that exists around bitcoin.
    The minute that turns around, it’s going to be absolutely bonkers.

  20. avatar Marc Bevand says:

    Bitcoin in the News – A Video Compilation

  21. avatar Jan Møller says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  22. avatar Amy Nyanpi says:

    It’s happening! #bitcoin #cryptocurrency 

  23. avatar Kancho says:

    Bitcoin! — LOL
    When it comes to real money, you know who, where, when, etc. and still..
    *you* can’t stop over-printing/inflationary bubbles even though the
    politicians are supposed to be answerable to *you*. Now with Shitcoin, or
    anything else that comes up next, that will be even less of a possibility.

  24. avatar Love Underground says:


  25. avatar MadBitcoins says:

    @Randy- The NSA/CIA thing is definitely wishful thinking and an attempt to
    “keep the lid” on bitcoin. good luck with that one. Pandora’s box is
    open. Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall. 😉 

  26. avatar screwityoutubization says:

    Where is the link for the google plus hook up? I’ll talk to you about death
    at the burn, if you want – it’s what I’ve been doing for 20 years!

  27. avatar Dennis Dunbar says:

    Rest in Peace Robin

  28. avatar Randy Montano says:

    It’s annoying how fast that NSA/CIA article spread. I had a lot of people
    ask me about that. It has NO evidence in that article, yet people share it
    without reading it based on the title alone. Don’t share/retweet/like
    things based on titles alone people. The article itself, mentions it’s
    lack of “depth”

    best RW movie = “One Hour Photo”

  29. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Sad that the life he created for himself was such a burden that he had to
    end it.

  30. avatar moto2kx2 says:

    There’s a little known sickness that plagues the greatest of Comedians like
    Robin Williams and Johnathan Winters.
    They are “Always On” playing some character whereby they lose connection of
    whom they themselves are…

  31. avatar Fish Mix says:

    i feel like i missssed out 

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