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Bitcoin conference returns to Miami Beach

January 26th, 2015 | by BTC News
<b>Bitcoin</b> conference returns to Miami Beach

Bitcoin conference returns to Miami Beach
Organizers are expecting about 1,000 people for the conference, which will cover topics such as Bitcoin 2.0, Bridging the Gap between Old World and New World Banking, Running Companies Without Bank Accounts, the Future of Bitcoin Security and …

USD Drops 12% Against Bitcoin: Is the Dollar Dying? (Op-Ed)
The ominous shadow on the future of the FRN is that it relies on trust – trust in a wholly centralized and largely unaccountable institution. Federal Reserve employees must be trusted not only to be resistant to corruption, but to be perfect fortune …
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Interview with Load Bitcoin Tipping Service Changetip with Cards
Previously, the only other ways to add to ChangeTip were from already existing Bitcoin addresses or by signing up through exchanges like Coinbase, funding a wallet, and then funding a ChangeTip account. Especially in the latter use case, we felt that …
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