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Bitcoin Bubble Warning

January 7th, 2015 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Bubble Warning

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  1. avatar la7eralus says:

    II bet you feel pretty stupid leaving these videos up, months down the line
    after it’s all but obvious you were completely wrong. How does it feel to
    be the sole responsible factor in screwing so many people over? How’s that
    foot tasting?

  2. avatar duk keil says:

    xD this guy is a mis-informed joke.

  3. avatar Jeff Dranetz says:

    Bitcoin proponents like to point out that most of the world’s currency are
    “fiat”, or unbacked by gold, silver,etc. What these one worlders fail to
    realize that all currencies are backed, by the solvency, strength, and
    integrity of the nation and it’s own government. If an international
    currency were to exist, it would, indeed need to be backed by the value of
    the metal of the minted physical coin. 

  4. avatar tomburg2 says:

    Bitcoin is giant pyramid scheme. All pyramids are harmfull for economics.

  5. avatar Roger Davies says:

    Yes, as Bitcoin is now TEN TIMES the value it was when you posted this
    video…. I think its time to admit you were 100% wrong here. Today silver
    (which also has no intrinsic value btw) is worth just a tiny fraction of
    the price of a Bitcoin.. as @bob78145 says, I believe you owe your
    followers an apology for some terrible understanding of economics and
    deliberately misleading advice they may have cost people money

  6. avatar carbon atom says:

    can u take the coinabul link off,people have been having complaints bout
    not gettin their gold.

  7. avatar Jack Conner says:

    Bitcoin went to $900+?
    What did Silver do?
    Um, it’s at $19.50/oz.
    No good…

  8. avatar Kristophr anon says:

    I’ll buy in when bitcoin hits one cent again.

  9. avatar Go dSpeed says:

    Loving the Bitcoin videos. Please organize them. Put a link of the next
    video on the video. 

  10. avatar Paul S says:

    “With Silver at $28 and Bitcoin at $48- I would be dumping any Bitcoin for
    Real Silver”

    Silver lost 40% of its’ value. Bitcoin has gone up to 1000+. That’s a 2000%
    increase since this video.

    I think Chris is having the same reaction Paul Walker had before he
    realized he was about to crash. WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE, George of the
    jungle/Paul Walker/Chris Duane!

  11. avatar bob78145 says:

    Where still watting for a appologie !!

  12. avatar TruthNeverTold says:

    They are two separate markets.

  13. avatar TruthNeverTold says:

    The big shift that is going on is from intangible assets to real assets.
    Buy anything you can hold and you will be far better in the long run than
    these casino playas. The meek shall inherit the earth.

  14. avatar TruthNeverTold says:

    The market went to .01¢ a few days after the Bitcoin boys did a
    presentation at the CIA it was shut down for a few days reopened at $17 and
    then dropped to $2 by November.

  15. avatar Jules Barrell says:

    Bubble my ass… there is $8 million of buy orders on MtGox, there have
    been two shakeouts in the last couple of weeks. The pump & dump and the
    fork issue. Bitcoin still strong! Its going up this week on the back of the
    Cyprus mess. There is also a queue of 3000 just to even trade on Gox.

  16. avatar D StrangeTimes says:

    Max Keiser is for ANY competing currency. Bitcoin is a good thing, and will
    never threaten gold and silver. You don’t have to be a Bitcoin guy, OR a
    Gold and Silver guy. You can be both….Cmon, nobody knows what bitcoin
    will do, so these bullshit predictions are pointless.

  17. avatar nicola usai says:

    the brick is not a good investment anymore as you may know

  18. avatar TruthNeverTold says:

    Good for you and your faith. There are many here that believe Jesus is the
    only way or Allah. We all get our chance to place our bets before the game

  19. avatar TruthNeverTold says:

    Unlike the BitCoin boys I have never been asked to come to the CIA… so
    none. Because you can trade your Bitcoin winnings for REAL wealth. Flash
    Crash did happen 5 days after the BitCoin boys presented to the CIA. I
    don’t disagree that this scheme is designed to go up with the limited
    amount of BitCoins being bid up by ever increasing hype from vested
    carnival barkers. One day it will return to it’s intrinsic value…0. Don’t
    worry it could go up much higher many greater fools to jump in…

  20. avatar ThatAtheistGuy20 says:

    So when you made this video bitcoin was at $30, you got owned.

  21. avatar themicmac88 says:

    @ almos yes you can buying food and other things with gold and silver in 2
    states Utah and now Arizona!! Texas maybe the next

  22. avatar Zack Thomas says:

    Can your gold purchase a small grocery bag of Food, will your silver help
    you buy gas? When the IRS is notified of your GOLD and SILVER will they
    Confiscated(TAX) your wealth similar to cyprus? From 11′ til now, you
    could’ve easily utilized bitcoins to protect and strengthen your financial

  23. avatar wavepattern says:

    Exactly. Silver stackers, unlike Buttcoin sheeple, are a tough,
    well-ecduated breed. Silver goes down, stackers say great, Im buying more
    These Buttcoin sheeple are so incredibly lacking in basic financial
    knowledge it is scary – theyre so easy to scam

  24. avatar Amagi Metals says:

    You can convert your bitcoins for gold/silver at Amagi Metals too. An
    official AOCS dealer!

  25. avatar Gamah1991 says:

    Yet you made a video in 2013 after it happened.

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