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ASICMiner 10 GH/s Mining Board Auctions Extremely Successful

January 4th, 2015 | by BTC News
ASICMiner 10 GH/s Mining Board Auctions Extremely Successful

In this video Jason talks about the new AsicMiner 10 GH/s mining boards. He discusses about the final auction price of the boards and whether there worth buy…
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  1. avatar Claus van Dijk says:

    600GH/s asic will make 0,11 BCT a day… in a couple of months its all
    over….. the best thing you could do is search your old pc….for
    a wallet.dat and maybe you bought bitcoins in 2009 and you totally
    forgot…. hope you still using that pc…because if you trow away your
    wallet….your coins are gone..:)

  2. avatar UrokLizard says:

    Because it’s more profitable to sell them for more than the devices will
    ever make by mining.

  3. avatar joerockhed says:

    I think it might be cheaper to build your OWN ASIC! Buy the chips,. the
    boards,. get your soldering iron out,. and safety glasses on.

  4. avatar nlucctw2 says:

    10 GH/s isnt much when they are selling for 75BTC.

  5. avatar Rowan A. Salter says:

    LeaseBit the viable ethical REAL solution…Rowan A. Salter

  6. avatar kuhrd says:

    People are paying $8000 or more for these boards and they will not recoup
    enough value unless the Bitcoin price really starts climbing. At today’s
    price and difficulty you can expect $1000-1400 for the first month but if
    you calculate the next months out with the average 35% increase in
    difficulty each time over the life of Bitcoin you will see you will
    probably never recoup that $8000 unless the price started climbing at the
    same rate or the difficulty levels off.

  7. avatar Anderson Santos says:

    What is the official website to buy hardware miner?

  8. avatar XarcAwesome says:

    whats the point in purchasing them then?

  9. avatar Adam guy says:

    You can find them on amazon.

  10. avatar XarcAwesome says:

    Ever ask yourself why the factories dont just turn them on for themselves?

  11. avatar Skudgeboy says:

    * NEWSFLASH!! – As cool as I also think these boards are…. I’m amazed at
    how many techie geeky people haven’t ran the numbers/math on this. Miners
    paid about 60 Btc per card at the auction and somebody just paid $12,600
    for one on Ebay an hour ago!! Between NOW and October this card will ONLY
    PRODUCE 30 COINS MAX!! Even the people at auction basically gave up 30 Btc
    and have to mine the other 30!! The guy who spent $12,600 could have bought
    110 Btc today. The window of mining has CLOSED!! 🙁

  12. avatar zolujin says:

    Hey man, you’re doing a great job. I don’t have time to keep up with all
    this stuff so I listen to your videos and I love it. What about ? Do you think they are legit ?

  13. avatar kuhrd says:

    Where would you get the custom designed ASIC chips from? This is not the
    same thing as buying a bunch of FPGA chips and building your own boards. I
    seriously doubt any company that has a working ASIC chip for Bitcoin mining
    would sell the chips separately without a huge markup to recoup their R&D.
    So you would most likely have to design your own chip, find a fab to make a
    test batch, get them tabbed for testing and tweak the design then have more
    made and tested to maybe have a working batch.

  14. avatar zolujin says:

    Any investment that pay back itself in 1 year I consider great. It is
    risky, of course… but ASICminer is reliable. Consider ButterflyLabs that
    took preorders a year ago and people are still waiting.

  15. avatar Arduino Picaxe says:

    Un xerraire que ens mostra casa seva

  16. avatar Skudgeboy says:

    You’re missing the point… this 10-13 Ghash rig IS NOT going to produce as
    many coins EVER as people are paying for them at auction (45-65 Btc per
    card). This card will never create more than 35 coins before the payouts
    drop off!! Why would somebody give up 65 Btc to have to mine 30??? Come
    on….. simple math.

  17. avatar OldSchoolTechCorner says:

    Better to spend more and get a Avalon that does 65gh’s stock and can
    overclock to around 85gh’s by updating the firmware and changing clock
    speed. Then you can make you investment back in 3 months, even with people
    over charging, can be had for around 12k mark. These here for the hash rate
    and cost is not worth it period. Buying any ASIC machine on Ebay is a very
    bad idea and will cost you way more then they are actually worth. To many
    people on their with to much money and no brains.

  18. avatar Dark Wallet Project says:

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  19. avatar urbex2007 says:

    OMG you’re so good looking! i’m watching just imagining ripping those jeans
    off!!!!! Are you single and looking???

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