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Are Bitcoins and Unusual Hats the Future of Currency? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

January 23rd, 2015 | by BTC News
Are Bitcoins and Unusual Hats the Future of Currency? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

If you’ve ever played Team Fortress 2, you know how valuable hats are. To those who haven’t: yes, HATS! If a community agrees on the value of something, then…



  1. avatar Kyle Rhulain says:

    One year later, and I have purchased dinner with bitcoin. Suck it.

  2. avatar onehandyguy says:

    the difference being, a bitcoin can be bought with money,…. which stands
    against the point of the bitcoin which is to replace the monetary system.
    hats and weapons are self-generating, over the course of regular game
    play….. they’re not ‘owned’ by the system generating them.

  3. avatar Sadyh Von Schattig says:

    videogaems is futur

  4. avatar bob marley says:

    That picture is of reclaimed metal, not refined metal. Refined metal is

  5. avatar RED Spycrab says:

    With the way he’s saying it, one Rec (Reclaimed metal) is equal to one
    weapon. This is NOT the case. there are three main types of TF2 currency:
    * Scrap (one scrapped weapon)
    * Rec/Reclaimed metal (3 scraps put together, or 3 scrapped weapons)
    * Ref/Refined metal (3 Recs put together, or 9 weapons)
    Depending on how long you play for, weapons (and hats if you’re not
    Free-to-play) by themselves (with no need to uncrate them, since they’re
    already ready to use) will drop as well, so you don’t need to use real
    money on them. In fact, more weapons drop than crates in my experience.

  6. avatar Jeff Rosenbury says:

    A dollar’s value is not nothing. Most Americans have debt denominated in
    dollars. We need them to pay mortgages and the like. So long as there is
    more debt than there are dollars to pay the debt, the dollar have real
    value beyond any fictional agreed upon value like Bit Coin.

    Of course this value is generated by historical decisions (to take on debt)
    and in that respect it is “fictional”. But now that those decisions have
    been made, the value becomes real. 

  7. avatar Isaac Kawamura says:

    I bought my first iPhone by TF2 trading

  8. avatar Keillen Villaruel says:

    Where’s my Sandvich? :(

  9. avatar Carzeyday says:

    Well considering how code works. Yes and no. It depends on many things. In
    games It is supply/demand/ and rarity.

    Rarity is sometimes not needed.

    But, the Demand is always.

    It is like Card game eco. They are based on how much on how many people are
    willing to throw money at something.

    For example. If a character everyone really likes or class gets a item
    everyone wants. It sky rockets.

    If a class or character few or less likes gets a item. It will be cheaper.

    If a character or class is played by a streamer or pro. Price for items go
    up for that time.

    If they rag on a character or class. Price goes down.

    Basically, It is like stock market. Where people are told but do not really

  10. avatar abinaderus says:

    Bitcoin is just a much higher-tech currency that was created to forcibly
    move the world faster (with warp speed) toward a computerized one world
    currency, which will also be controlled the same way (with RFID), in an
    absolute foolproof way in its final form.

    That is why bitcoin was created anonymously. No individual created bitcoin,
    rest assured on that. It is amazing that in people’s greed, nobody (like
    with 9-11) seems to know or care what the truth is concerning the origin of
    the issue. They just jumped in headfirst, like rats, because there were big
    profits to make with the invention of bitcoin.

    Tools for moving currencies – like credit/debit cards, wire transfers,
    PayPal, will all give way to RFID. Bitcoin represents a much closer step
    toward computer-controlled world currency, and RFID the same as the means
    to control the flow/stock of the one-world currency.

    RFID is the final tool for the financial future, just as a single,
    one-world currency is the final currency. They are now RFID chipping 100s
    of people in Sweden for medical reasons, they have chipped some of the US
    military, but eventually RFID will include all your basic info, including a
    unique ID, your financial info, your education and work history, and so on,
    at which time RFID will become the final “debit card,” implanted in your
    right hand or forehead. A few years ago, even the US Congress quietly
    passed a law making taking the RFID chip “voluntary,” once it comes into
    being! By then, of course, it will be a choice of taking the RFID chip, or
    else no buying or selling of any kind.

    Everything is in place via the five-story-tall EC “Big Brother”
    supercomputer in Brussels to do this right now (every person alive is in
    their database right now!), as is the banking system now capable of
    implementing both RFID and a world currency. All that is missing is the man
    who puts it all together.

    And what will bring in RFID?

    The US has been the oil reserve currency, ever since Kissinger made the
    deal with the Saudis in 1970. Meaning, all purchases in oil anywhere are
    made in US dollars. The US is also the world reserve currency. Both of
    these create false demand for the dollar, but the world is sick of our $125
    trillion in unfunded liabilities, and our $17 trillion in national debt,
    and US imperialism, and today as a result (as you know) the dollar is being
    bypassed more and more in world trade. These black markets will soon become
    white markets, as world approval grows.

    Last year, China bought 90% of the world output of gold, and now has over
    half the gold needed to begin minting a gold-backed yuan. A gold-backed
    yuan would destroy the dollar overnight, because once major nations no
    longer accept the dollar as world oil/reserve currency, the US balance
    sheet will INSTANTLY dictate the value of our worthless fiat currency.

    Add to that, China is not interested in the UN’s proposed world “basket” of
    currencies becoming the international standard (dollar, ruble, yuan, euro),
    because China has the only truly growing economy, the only significant
    surpluses, and also the goal of world domination. If the dollar crashed,
    the US would have no choice but to comply to China’s every demand.

    As countries (like Syria, North Korea, Russia, China) bypass/eliminate the
    dollar in their trade, the need for a universally-accepted one-world
    currency escalates, and RFID is the one foolproof tool to support such an
    international currency. If you want to know for sure that this is going to
    happen, and who will implement RFID and the world currency, open your bible
    and read Revelation, chapter 13, especially verses 16-18. As things
    develop, people will finally realize that the bible is exact, and easy to

    Everyone, read John 3:16. Accept Jesus as your savior. It will change your
    life forever!

  11. avatar Loyd Hutchings says:

    Love this one.

    Are Bitcoins and Unusual Hats the Future of Curre…:

  12. avatar Eva A says:

    Since you mentioned that no-one can buy dinner with bitcoins, one of my
    favourite cafe’s actually accepts them now. Why, I don’t know (since i
    doubt pretty much anyone is using them to buy food), but its an option.

  13. avatar Shotgun9009 says:

    TF2 is the best way to acquire games on steam think about it u find items u
    buy keys with items u use keys to trade for games or sell them for money
    and buy the game on steam and at the end you have spent absolutely none of
    ur own money sure it might take some time but its free

  14. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Well, you can get a lot more lunch money for a bitcoin than you could back
    when you made this video. Back in Febuary of 2013 they were worth about 16
    dollars. Now they’re 600, and the adoption rate is increasing dramatically
    and the rate of the increase is increasing. Overstock, dish network,
    expedia, and Dell all take them now (among many many others).

  15. avatar Knarta says:

    How did it take you 6min to come up with this? You could have wrap this up
    in 2min without the complicated talk, and explore the topic further

  16. avatar Léo Vailati says:

    I think someone must have already commented on this, but here it goes: the
    Brazilian currency is called “real” or “reais” in its plural form.
    “Conto” was the national currency more than one century ago, I believe.
    After that we had the “Cruzeiro”, “Cruzado”, “Cruzado Novo”, “Cruzeiro
    Real”… (not necessarily in that order) and then finally the “Real”.
    As of today, 1 real is worth 0.45 US Dollars.

  17. avatar Trekkoazam says:

    whenever someone buys “something special for someone special”, “well there
    goes another 100 dollars to Gabe”

  18. avatar Otto Laakkonen says:

    I wonder what all the Dota 2 stuff is worth…

  19. avatar Loki Scarlet says:

    >intrinsic value
    That doesn’t… Exist. At all.

  20. avatar Cule Chick says:

    Just for the record, there ARE places where you CAN buy dinner with
    bitcoins. Not cars though…. still waiting on that one.

  21. avatar Andrew says:

    I think you can craft unusuals.

  22. avatar Adolf Hitler says:

    i feel that nothing has REAL actual value unless someone actually really
    needs it
    like how a person needs water or a sick person needs medication

  23. avatar Catopus says:

    Why didnt you mention items can be randomly found just by playing?

  24. avatar Isaac Kawamura says:

    Play TF2…….

  25. avatar Indra Pun says:

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