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Amir Taaki, Founder of Intersango – Bitcoin, a virtual currency

January 14th, 2015 | by BTC News
Amir Taaki, Founder of Intersango – Bitcoin, a virtual currency

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  1. avatar tom shmilovich says:

    not a very eloquent explication of how bitcoin is created, Amir is much
    better with code apparently.. 

  2. avatar markdlowe says:

    Amir you need to stop associating drugs and hacking with bitcoin, you are
    doing it major harm!

  3. avatar santaclauz2000 says:

    woa bitcoin was 10$ back then

  4. avatar tomburg2 says:

    Swarthy advertizing giant and harmfull pyramid scheme.

  5. avatar asdfasdfasdf4746 says:

    worth less than 100$ from nearly 1000$. We saw this coming a mile away lol.

  6. avatar Mir Bilawal Ali Sanjarani says:

    I thought the zionist reptilians bankers were gonna assasinate him as it
    would not benefit them

  7. avatar davincij15 says:

    Higher power will hate bitcoins but they will be used just like drugs if
    they ban it… in other words it’s success is assured.

  8. avatar jim Vestor says:

    cause it’s amir

  9. avatar philuk2000 says:

    Very unprofessional talk. While I believe Amir might understand better than
    he can explain it was very poor.

  10. avatar BladeMcCool says:

    Amir for shit sake man when you do a conference you dont answer a buddy’s
    phone call what you are in the middle of speaking. you press the “silence”
    button and then turn the thing off. ETIQUETTE>

  11. avatar Janne Ryynänen says:

    Very interesting….

  12. avatar Fred Flügge says:

    the right talk for the wrong audience, still very informative and funny

  13. avatar Mir Bilawal Ali Sanjarani says:

    Why didnt he just switch the phone off

  14. avatar BladeMcCool says:

    you dont answer the questions well enough. tell them what the “hard
    problems” are … tell them that the hard problem is finding a digital
    fingerpring aka a hash for a set of transactions and that the fingerprint
    has to be a number lower than the current difficulty. tell them that miners
    create new bitcoins as a reward for finding a block hash that satisfies the
    difficulty. dont leave them with this totally amorphous idea of how
    bitcoins are minted

  15. avatar Oskar Dirlewanger says:

    did anyone say Buttcoin yet?

  16. avatar Salomon Martinez says:

    Good job man you did something that millions could not think of or come up
    with. Doing you bro !

  17. avatar Jorge1985 says:

    You seemed to be a little bit nervous Amir. By the way, it’s difficult talk
    to an audience, and the more you do it the more you learn. Questions will
    be always the same, so you can study a easy answer to tipical questions.
    That one “how are bitcoins created” is veeeeery tipical, so it’s important
    to have a quick, easy, and persuasive response. BTW,one difference between
    state banking and bitcoin is that bitcoin is a present good, while fiat
    currency are based in debt, ergo in future goods.

  18. avatar Roger Ver says:

    Bitcoin is great, but Amir Taki is BAD FOR BITCOIN AND SHOULD LEAVE! Google
    “Bitcoinica Hack” for the details of the hack and theft of source code by
    Amir. Well over $500,000 was stolen as a direct result of Amir’s actions.

  19. avatar MrSKEEN89 says:

    I see the value of Bitcoin because it’s a non-fiat secure crypto currency.
    It doesn’t have many real world uses at the moment but it does drive an
    entire economy in the form of Silk Road. We haven’t seen the end of this
    financial crisis, and with QE, systemic failures and banking fraud many
    think that it’s only a matter of time before fiat currencies begin to loose
    credibility. It could happen quickly, it could happen slowly but I think
    there will be a point when the value of Bitcoin is obvious.

  20. avatar MrTinker53 says:

    Disappointing talk by Amir Takki, Turn your phone off next time.

  21. avatar Reinoud Vaandrager says:

    Amir is doing Bitcoin a disservice. His fanatical idealism coupled with the
    extreme mishandling of the Bitcoinica affair have done real harm to Bitcoin
    itself as well as users. He does seem to be making some valuable
    contributions to Electrum and in organizing the Bitcoin conference I have
    to give him that. Fortunately, His bumbling around might be exactly what
    bitcoin needs at this time; Some more time under the radar.

  22. avatar Tan Tk says:

    it seems that amir is reluctant to talk about the source of bitcoin and the
    transaction fees that is incurred by each bitcoin transaction. it just
    looks like bitcoin is a transfer of wealth and power to those who are good
    in computing and people who got into it early.

  23. avatar Тутлыков Марсель says:

    He’s a genius and very charismatic person!!!

  24. avatar Seth Leach says:

    This is painful to watch.

  25. avatar lactosdog says:

    This is performance art. And that crowd was brutal.

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