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Why I love Linux — even if I no longer use it

December 29th, 2014 | by BTC News

Why I love Linux — even if I no longer use it
I like to play around with Ubuntu every now and then, updating it, formatting it, and just tinkering here and there. Just for fun. Linux is doing just fine right now, and it's not going anywhere. The idea that just five people in the world use it — a …
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Coders in Congress are still a rare breed
Speaking this past weekend at the Every Second Counts Forum in London, Tim Berners-Lee, the man who created the World Wide Web, shared his strong belief that today's legislators should know how to code. He was quoted in The Guardian as saying,.

Crypto wars redux: why the FBI's desire to unlock your private life must be
In 1995, the US government tried – and failed – to categorise encryption as a weapon. Today, the same lines are being drawn and the same tactics repeated as the FBI wants to do the same. Here's why they are wrong, and why they must fail again.
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