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Visa CEO: Bitcoin Not a Threat — FinCEN Miners not Transmitters — Bitcoin Worldwide

December 27th, 2014 | by BTC News
Visa CEO: Bitcoin Not a Threat — FinCEN Miners not Transmitters — Bitcoin Worldwide

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  1. avatar DiabolicalOverlord says:

    Dude, your show is awesome!

  2. avatar Bits Be Trippin' says:

    Keep up the good work! Gave you an honorable mention in our Episode 6!

  3. avatar Pat Jack says:

    Gee, and I was SO looking forward to being a financial criminal, then I
    could rub shoulders with the wealthiest and most powerful people in the
    world while mining coin. Just think of the advantages, FinCEN disappoints
    once again, all my dreams of criminal collusion with the banker gods gone,
    sighhhh …

  4. avatar screwityoutubization says:


  5. avatar nappiral says:

    Can we just stop involving mt gox in any price averaging. 

  6. avatar VanosEnigmA Enigmaisland says:

    #DogeCoin #Bitcoin – Where is #CatCoin?
    #Anonymous #BitcoinCat #Crypto #Cryptocurrency

  7. avatar Eduardo Elias Ferreira says:

    your vocals cords have no problem hun? :)

  8. avatar Chris Haan says:

    Thanks for the update Bitcoin master. I can’t wait until Bitcoin replaces
    debit and cc cards. 

  9. avatar Rodney MacFarlane says:

    Bye Bye Credit Cards!! :)

  10. avatar Orantes Blanks says:

    The way he said…… “Bitcoin doesn’t see VISA as a threat either, ha ha!”
    …….. just priceless entertainment. Keep this show going.

  11. avatar Kaptain litecoin says:

    KittyCoin may be next on board ! Love your show MadBitcoins. 

  12. avatar paul crosbie says:

    here furry face! does your beard house a family of Mistle thrushes?
    Q2. if the elites unleash a quantum computer would this unravel the
    encryption of bitcoin?

  13. avatar EvilFlamezOn says:

    I really like this show… DO NOT fucking stop :D

  14. avatar Chris Thompson says:

    I subscribed a few days ago to MadBitcoins. Very entertaining :D

  15. avatar Seventh Universe says:

    judging by the chart I expect a sharp drop in Bitcoin prices then the down
    pressure would last for quite sometime.

  16. avatar kinsi55 says:

    Hey +MadBitcoins could you possibly get online in skype ? :D

  17. avatar Gestet Ner says:

    Hey +MadBitcoins, a little tweak that would be cool in homage to Star Trek
    would be when you state “The MadBitcoins Subscriber Index is at xxxx. If
    you thought everything was digital now…. Wait until you see *Star Date”

  18. avatar Surfcityriot says:

    The sharpest Satosheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.!!!

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