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US Military thinks Bitcoin is Dangerous — Circle Opens Up — Philippines and Sweden Bitcoin

December 23rd, 2014 | by BTC News
US Military thinks Bitcoin is Dangerous — Circle Opens Up — Philippines and Sweden Bitcoin

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@MidasMarni on Circle and the mainstream accepting Bitcoin

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  1. avatar Nick Sullivan says:

    2 high fives +ChangeTip 

  2. avatar hallerd says:

    Love this show. $1 +ChangeTip 

  3. avatar BeerExpedition says:

    Sorry +MadBitcoins only 50₵ because bitcoin is down +ChangeTip 

  4. avatar Surfcityriot says:

    Excellent take on the US Military…

  5. avatar Jared Boice says:

    When you swear, it makes everything you say even funnier and ever more true
    LOL… you should swear more

  6. avatar Polymath Digest says:

    Amigo, I’m in the military, and I think Bitcoin is the greatest harbinger
    of peace that this world currently has. Do not misattribute.

  7. avatar Polymath Digest says:

    Haha! I don’t give a fuck either hahahahaaa!!

  8. avatar Fred Grace says:

    US Military thinks Bitcoin is Dangerous — Circle…:

  9. avatar moto2kx2 says:

    SO DANGEROUS it split up Ebay!

    eBay Community:

    This week, eBay Inc. announced it will create two independent public
    companies — eBay and PayPal — in the second half of 2015. This will ensure
    each business is best able to serve its customers’ needs and thrive well
    into the future. You can read more about it here at

  10. avatar Finger Pirštas says:
  11. avatar Tyagananda V. Swaraj says:
  12. avatar Vanya Rahneva says:

    Oh hey! Have you tried – Brians Bitcoin Big Bang (search on google)? If you
    are seriously interested in making money with Bitcoin, I have heard some
    great things about it and my friend got great benefits with it.

  13. avatar Jeffrey Rust says:

    The ideas your mentioning about privacy reminds me of the ACLU. I think
    that there should be a partnership between them and bitcoin merchants and
    all consumers in general.

  14. avatar Jeffrey Rust says:

    Can you please provide links of each account/service that you mentioned in
    this video.
    Example =, and other extensions so that we can do
    the same.

  15. avatar LibertarianSamurai says:

    What I want to know is that without charging fees, how are the Circle
    making money? I don’t understand the business model here. With better
    security than Coinbase and/or other online bankers and no transaction fees
    and bitcoin purchase fees? Some people might think it is just too good to
    be true.

  16. avatar Jeffrey Rust says:

    What is the difference between Authy and Google Authenticator ?

  17. avatar LibertarianSamurai says:

    I love Circle too! I waited about 4 months for an invitation. Got the
    invite about a week ago. But, now it is open to everyone! Only for a week,
    I felt special LOL! Big problem is that hardcore Anarcho-Capitalist Cypher
    Punks demand cyber personal responsibility (know how to print out paper
    wallets and secure them etc.) from us normal non-technical people. Bitcoin
    can make you become your own bank, but that is just one of many apps in
    Bitcoin. Banks do have long long history of securing other people’s funds.
    Circle to me is like the online bank that does not engage in fractional
    banking. It is legally a “money transmitter” a primary competitor against
    say Western Union. Circle is a better “online bank” than Coinbase, in my
    opinion. Circle is for the in-betweeners, for people yet to fully learn and
    master bitcoin, but able to get most of the rewards of using bitcoins.

  18. avatar Jim Neitzel says:

    Nice informative video. Thanks!

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