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Tim Swanson Talks About China, Bitcoin, And Smart Contracts

December 25th, 2014 | by BTC News
Tim Swanson Talks About China, Bitcoin, And Smart Contracts

Tim Swanson Talks About China, Bitcoin, And Smart Contracts

Tim is author of the book Great Wall Of Numbers: Business Opportunities And Challenges In China and a crypto-currency expert. On his blog he wr…
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  1. avatar Tim Swanson says:

    Today I was interviewed by Donald McIntyre at Newfination. Maybe one day
    I’ll learn to look into the camera : ) We discuss #cryptocurrencies
    #cryptoledgers #smartcontracts #smartproperty #trustless asset management
    and property rights in China

  2. avatar Alex GuangTou says:

    i saw the same (china, bitcoin) and arrive at the same conclusions, fits
    like a glove

  3. avatar Bitcoin Odyssey says:

    thanks, great to have some explanation thx Tim

  4. avatar Joerockhed joe rockhed says:

    Folks are hunkering down,. and buying. The price is too low, to use as a
    currency right now. Only since its current value 334 USD is RIDICULOUSLY
    low! I check the charts a couple times a day and LAUGH as the wussies SELL
    OUT! Do you have any idea what youre throwing away? Selling at that price?
    The more you drop? The more i buy,. and when you spineless weeds run out of
    coin to sell? The price is going to go wayyyyy beyond what you ever
    thought. 1100 a coin is going to be cheap, very soon. Patience folks,..

  5. avatar Ivor Thomas says:

    I liked this one. $0.50 +ChangeTip to ya buddy!

  6. avatar 2bRealist says:

    Cheers.. see you on the up swing ;-)

  7. avatar screwityoutubization says:

    I really dislike Lima beans. But still love bitcoins.

  8. avatar Ken Doresky says:

    +ChangeTip Thanks for the great commentary. $3

  9. avatar GNULinuxGuy says:

    Darkcoin – Decentralized mixing to preserve privacy and fungibility.
    Instant transaction validation (InstantX) and IP obfuscation via encrypted
    multipath routing coming soon! :)

  10. avatar Leonard Samuels says:

    Russian peasants … lol

  11. avatar WrathofBong420 says:

    wtf is with the apple shit…..there watch is garbage 

  12. avatar Mobile Games says:

    buy bitswift

  13. avatar Noe De La Cruz says:
  14. avatar Speace :S says:

    nice shirt

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