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The Bitcoin Group #46 — Shrem Pleads, CheapAir Litecoin Dogecoin, Vox bans Bitcoin, CDC Overstoc…

December 30th, 2014 | by BTC News
The Bitcoin Group #46 — Shrem Pleads, CheapAir Litecoin Dogecoin, Vox bans Bitcoin, CDC Overstoc…

Donate: 18EQEiQBK1X2DyDL5Y18j78iw4NuNHoLej Featuring… Kristov Atlas (, M.K. Lords (, Blake Anders…
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  1. avatar Jeffrey Rust says:

    Do not discount the Chinese. 1.3B people they are very loyal. I live in
    Shanghai and they are starting atms and an exchange for BTC here.

  2. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    5:00 Indeed. Plea bargains are the usual way the justice system brutalizes
    people (mostly men of course). One of my best friend’s (no sex for 2 years)
    wife became enraged when he cheated on her. Then she called the cops and
    said he molested their daughter. The cops hauled him off to jail and they
    dumped charge after charge on him until he’d probably spend 20 years in
    prison. His wife called 4 hours later saying she had filed a false
    accusation because she was angry. But since they had so many charges dumped
    on him, he was in jail for 3 months before they offered him a plea bargain
    where he didn’t dispute the charge and they let him go but not without that
    sex offender stamp that they thumped onto his forehead, and he had to agree
    to never see his daughter again. It basically destroyed his life. When my
    D&D group and I visited him in jail a couple times, man I’ve never seen
    anyone who was so deeply sad almost shattered emotionally.
    That plus all the divorces I saw among my fellow mechanics caused me to
    drop into a period of agonized indecision (should I marry? is it worth that
    terrible awful risk?) that lasted 4 months. During that time I asked older
    mechanics, family, friends about their marriages and their divorces and
    asked them if it was worth it. At the end of that 4 months I finally had
    enough information to go on, and in the spring of 1997 I decided that I
    just couldn’t do it. I chose not to marry.
    It’s not all bad though. I just hung out with my fellow geeks, went
    shooting with my mechanic friends, paid off my first home (a condo) in 11
    years (now it’s a mortgage free rental that provides a 380 a month (after
    everything) profit). Got an awesome house on a half acre with a nice garage
    for all my mad scientist projects, massive room for my gardens and
    permaculture projects, fruit trees and so on. Moved my old man into one of
    my spare rooms since he’s too old to take care of his house and I’m having
    a pretty decent time during this (my late middle age years). Income about
    4580 a month and about 2300 of that is surplus. I tend to buy about 900 to
    1000 a month in bitcoin.
    I would have loved to have a family and I could have supported one on my
    wages alone but the risks (about 50% chance) of divorce and all the
    heartaches were just too great. So whoever I was supposed to marry, well
    she just had to find her way through her life without me.
    This whole divorce thing plus the way a single phone call from my wife
    could have me jailed (!) well, it causes a huge chilling effect on marriage
    and it’s causing a huge demographic change in all the western nations. It’s
    sad but what did they expect? Of course there was going to be a reaction.
    The marriage rate is continuing to collapse and in Japan, where things are
    even worse for men, 60% of men are what they call soushoku danshi, or
    “herbivore men”. They don’t marry, they won’t date, they don’t even hookup.
    They’re totally off the market.
    Oops! I’m ranting.

  3. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Yeah! I took advantage of the sale and bought 2 more bitcoins to add to my
    stash just now. I suspect 3 years from now I’ll be glad I did.

  4. avatar Pat Jack says:

    We hear answers, but really just comment and editorial, from the panel that
    address the engagement of individuals and organizations that promote and
    support bitcoin, the engagement of those entities with “politics” and
    politicians from only the perspective on “incumbency”, politicians that are
    already in office. Generally, a very broad brush is used to literally tar
    and feather those in the political ecosystem, at any level, when an attempt
    is made to engage politically, but then Perianne appears to be immune from
    this type of attack, indeed, she appears to be supported by many, even the
    devout “anarchists” that decry foul, and terrorism with respect to
    political engagement, and Perianne is purely a lobbyist who wishes to open
    a political action committee, but she seems to be completely immune from
    criticism, while others engaging politically are just shit on, gleefully.

    And then we hear a defeatist attitude that any engagement, at any level
    will fail. Randall Lord is a bitcoin miner, he is just as much a bitcoin
    expert as myself, or any one of you on this panel, and he has a lot of
    coin, a lot more than most of you … and he is funding his campaign for US
    House of Representatives using his bitcoin, and only accepting donations to
    his campaign in bitcoin. And this is a cognitive dissonance so extreme and
    so powerful I don’t think you people have either the experience, or the
    mental horsepower to deal with this at any level at all, save juvenile name
    calling. Shame.

    To be fair, a person like Randall Lord who captured 25% of the vote in the
    last congressional election cycle, a VIABLE candidate, against the same
    incumbent that is now running for office, to be fair, the perspective a
    professional bitcoin miner who is running for office might be included in
    your shows, ONCE, one single time, and you are hereby challenged to do so,
    and you KNOW I can make that happen for you … so you can than tar and
    feather Randall live, on your broadcast, so you can attack and destroy your
    fellow bitcoiner?

    When you tar and feather Randall with your broad political brush, you will
    be attacking the logical individual to engage politically most effectively
    and represent the interests of bitcoin in the halls of government, unless
    of course you have already swallowed … defeat.

    So until you have a political candidate running for office that can prove
    he has a level of expertise concerning bitcoin that meets or exceeds all of
    your expertise on your panels, I think your perspectives on bitcoin and
    politics is nothing short of grotesquely ignorant. You and your panels hold
    yourselves up to be leading thought leaders and experts in the bitcoin
    ecosystem, and then want to pretend you understand politics at any level,
    and then want to encourage others to wallow in ignorance with you, when
    political candidates running for office are accepting bitcoin donations and
    some of them know more about bitcoin … THAN YOU. And that is a cognitive
    dissonance that really, really seems to scare the shit out of you, as you
    refuse to interview political candidates, to invite them to your “tree

    If Patrick Byrne announced his candidacy for public office, then you would
    support him, he would be your political hero, and he’s a Libertarian, and
    there is a Libertarian Party in this nation, and that party supports
    bitcoin, but all you and your panel members do is malign them, insult them,
    make them into villains because YOU have a political agenda, you want
    control over politics through some type of change, you want to do the
    business of politics differently, but you have no expertise in politics on
    your panels, all you have is name calling and a defeatist attitude that
    Randall cannot afford to entertain because he going to win his election, go
    to Washington and refuse to meet with Perianne and her PAC and lobbyists
    JUST LIKE DR. RON PAUL, and perianne sees that as threatening to her
    potential PAC startup desires. If the politicians that support bitcoin
    refuse to engage with political action committees and lobbyists, then why
    would Periannce or any of you want to engage with those types of
    bitcoiners, what would you possible have to gain?

    And folks, this is “cognitive dissonance 101”, welcome to class.

    When Randall is seated as a member of the US House of Representatives and
    does this by funding his campaign with his OWN bitcoin, will you then tar
    and feather him and call him some “bitcoin terrorist politician”, really,
    let’s quit being so one sided and realize that there are those in the
    bitcoin ecosystem that not only have expertise in bitcoin, but have a level
    of expertise in the political ecosystem which far, far exceeds anybody on
    your panels.

    People will use bitcoin how they wish, and people includes those that vote
    in elections, and those that run for office, you cannot stop that, and to
    think that in some way the politicians will not use bitcoin, if it is money
    … is right on the edge of insanity …

  5. avatar Theo Goodman says:

    1:04:00 going to talk in a parlement is one thing, forming a lobby group
    and a PAC is another. If they are going to regulate it how they want anyway
    then lets stop spending energy, throwing money, eating chease and wine with

  6. avatar Philipp Engelhorn says:

    Did K Atlas / LTC Rant (28 min 52 sec) “initialized” the
    locking of bitcointalk Darkcoin yesterday !??!?! ….>>

  7. avatar Ken Doresky says:

    +ChangeTip Great discussion. Thumbs Up!

  8. avatar Pat Jack says:

    The primary objectives of the federal government when producing guilty
    verdicts for criminals they prosecute is the creation of criminal legal
    precedence. The conviction of Shrem on any charge is to the greatest
    advantage for the government as it allows them to use procedural
    documentation of the conviction in the next criminal trial that revolves
    around the same issues. So the federal government can produce a conviction
    and then have that function as the application of criminal law, without
    ever having passed any law.

  9. avatar Nathan Wosnack says:

    Not only is the stock market broken, but so is international money
    remittance. I also agree about having fully inclusive governance systems
    for anonymous, secure, global governance on the block chain as being a
    necessity in this day in age. Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof’s BitNation is a
    good example of government “2.0” that people ought to pay attention to.

  10. avatar TheLegendX9 says:

    Bryce Weiner is awesome, please have him on more often.

  11. avatar Moog Foog says:

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    your help.
    If you guys feel generous and willing to help a brother out, please make a
    Bitcoin donation to this address : 1BLF9EjZfiQw9hPLM7H1sao9KRyxdePuTE
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    lot guys, I count on you :)

  12. avatar James Edwards says:

    Please give me a tiny bit of bitcoin to get
    started 1BE6Zh56ST9dzXHAsv1izAKAQDpDPaBvKh plzzzz thanks

  13. avatar dan gould says:

    Ross Ulbrecht will be in a cage because he is not challenging the evidence
    the persecutors have that creates their jurisdiction over Ross. His
    lawyer/liars will not challenge jurisdiction.

  14. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    At 1:26:00 the debt backed crypto currency seems problematic to me. Assets
    that back the coin can be seized just like the gold of the liberty dollar
    was seized. So the coin is vulnerable. Of course I’m just a diesel mechanic
    so maybe there is more info that I haven’t considered.

  15. avatar Nathan Wosnack says:

    MK, you are one of the few true journalists in our community. You have
    journalistic integrity and actual writing skills. We need you more than
    ever at this period of time of non-objective hype stories, and badly
    researched articles.

  16. avatar AcezS7 says:

    all the information you will every need, we will provide you with the best
    faucet sites, gambling sites and strategies

  17. avatar Rebelin4Colors says:

    Wow what a bad attitude towards Litecoin you all have. I will not be giving
    you any more views in the future.

  18. avatar bubb3432 says:

    There needs to be a public Bitcoin giveaway. Maybe a pool could be created
    by donors and used to give away lets say $5 increments of Bitcoin to people
    with the app on their phone. People that received it could be prevented on
    returning to the fountain. They could be given info on where to spend it,
    e.g. Overstock, Dell. Just a thought to promote Bitcoin.

  19. avatar TheKapers83 says:

    Litecoin was the first coin that was and is fairly distributed. Not
    important from a technological viewpoint, but very important from an
    economic perspective.

  20. avatar eFISHancy says:

    I do not like Bryce’s attitude. Seems to me he is only concerned with
    making himself more wealthy…

  21. avatar Chad Crypto says:

    Betty White is not dead! lol! She will live forever! 

  22. avatar Nathan Wosnack says:

    (Owning up on Bias: I had an article interview with MK on a recent
    experience I had. Ha ha. Sorry, Blake!)

  23. avatar dan gould says:

    So it is in Bryce Weiner’s self interest to belong to a group of psychopath

  24. avatar Chad Vincent Estell says:

    For the panel: What are some or your favorite sources for Bitcoin news and

  25. avatar redfive1993 says:

    Bryce is right about the centralization.

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