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Red Fury USB ASIC Miners (2.3Gh/s) — Mini Bitcoin Mining Rig

December 18th, 2014 | by BTC News
Red Fury USB ASIC Miners (2.3Gh/s) — Mini Bitcoin Mining Rig

Mini USB Rig Includes: ————————————— 3X Red Fury usb miners. Running @ ~ 2.3Gh/s per unit–Totaling ~6.4Gh/s Each unit uses 2.5 Wat…
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  1. avatar DivaB Bartzen says:

    Does your earnings take care of the electric being used?

  2. avatar brandonrulz11 says:

    hey could we Skype or something so you could help me set this up

  3. avatar Rasoul Mojtahedzadeh says:

    Where did u buy these Red Fury?

  4. avatar Haitham A. says:

    Where can I get my hands on a Red Fury ?

  5. avatar Colyers says:

    Could you please tell me if you can fit 5 Red Fury’s w/ the USB fan. Or is
    4 + Fan all you can fit?

  6. avatar BigDirtyBasterd says:

    Dumb question, I got 2 of the Red Furys, and mine down lite up, there in a
    powered USB2.0 hub and they still mine, is there a setting or something?

  7. avatar Vincent Nevsky says:

    Can u please post video how to setup RedFury with BFG miner , I have Some
    Message cat get to Work Thank you

  8. avatar xxxRampage1xxx says:

    I know when I’m getting 423 mhash I’m getting 0.00000320 bitcoin. 

  9. avatar xxxRampage1xxx says:

    Yes maybe sunday ill make a youtu e video and show you what I’m making on
    2.3 ghash.

  10. avatar Steve Wilson says:

    Where did you buy the Red Furys?

  11. avatar Daniel Charlton says:

    Hey man, Do you have to to buy the usb hub? could you plug them directly
    into your pc?

  12. avatar nxadmon says:

    I like how he said at least it was profitable. Just wait 2 weeks noob.

  13. avatar McAwesome363 says:

    Where did you buy them?

  14. avatar xxxRampage1xxx says:

    We should see who gets more bitcoins off 2.3ghash I use this site to mine

  15. avatar RedBullWiiiings says:
  16. avatar Eyeboot says:

    Raspberry Pi Model B+ (new version with 4 usb ports) Mini Computer/Mining
    Controller, Buy here now:
    Eyeboot (Cheaper)

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