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Man Scores BIG With Forgotten Bitcoin Investment

December 16th, 2014 | by BTC News
Man Scores BIG With Forgotten Bitcoin Investment

The meteoric rise in bitcoin has meant that within the space of four years, one Norwegian man’s investment turned into a forgotten 6000 windfall. Kri…
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  1. avatar sondrex76 says:

    I said to my parents: i should invest in bitcoins, i dont get permisson,
    two months later the bitcoins are worth over 800% more…yeah that sucks

  2. avatar xxxWHATuWANTxxx says:

    Seriously this is how they break the ice talking about bitcoins and he
    didn’t even research the innovation of triple entry accounting and how
    bitcoin has improved on using fiat. It’s a unit of exchange that is
    validated using a common ledger to keep track of economic activity. it’s
    not just for druggies but an innovation that will change the corse of
    financial history. I expect they look back at this and see how clueless he
    was about bitcoins. What a joke.

  3. avatar crisisofconsciousnes says:

    he’s such an arseshole. I hate just looking at his stupid big face.. in
    fact i wana batter him with a brick

  4. avatar Drew Kane says:

    Cenk’s opinions belong with the old, elderly Fox News demographic. His
    ideals are OLLLLD, outdated, and frankly, quite counter-revolutionary for
    someone who dares call himself “progressive”.

  5. avatar Matt Evans says:

    BTC did not go down to $30 after the Silk Road shutdown, it went down BY

  6. avatar Jay Fuerstenberg says:

    Lucky bastard. That is all I have to say.

  7. avatar Derelictica says:

    quick to guess that he was gonna buy drugs, what if he thought “Hey this
    might be a good invesment for the future, cause this cryptostuff is pritty

  8. avatar Matt Uebel says:

    Oh my. #bitcoin.

  9. avatar Raphael2885 says:

    well prepare for bitcoins to take a huge hit in value and roll up your pant
    legs cause the markets about to get flooded.

  10. avatar electronicsmokers says:

    you can get a nice free trickle of bitcoins straight into your wallet from

  11. avatar Olivier Doe says:

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    So now, i ask your help.
    Please, send me some BitCoins, the amount you want, everything will help.
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  12. avatar Thor Nielsen says:

    Down vote for your blatant insult of Scandinavia. Yeah one of your currency
    is probably worth a million of ours.. Idiot.. On most standards we are
    actually *more* developed than your crappy backwater of a country.

  13. avatar JC Korn says:

    Here’s the idea if you fall into a lot of money.
    Us it to make your life easier…
    Pay off your car/home, that’s hundreds of dollars you suddenly have each

    Enjoy some of it, and save the rest of it.
    Invest some of it too.

    Make your newfound wealth work for you…don’t buy yourself a new bill. 

  14. avatar Joakim Arnt Holmen says:

    Hahahaha wtf, such a dumb show!

  15. avatar David Wade says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  16. avatar woundead1998 says:

    wtf they dont knw how bitcoin works? expected way better fr a news show.

  17. avatar siqbrah says:

    900,000 USD = 5.4 Million Norwegian Krone

  18. avatar laylod08 says:

    Yeah, I had a friend that told me to buy bitcoins, but my financial advisor
    warned me against it. My friend made enough to pay for his undergraduate
    loans and for grad school. I regret it now.

  19. avatar Mopja100 says:

    a bigger investment would be a time machine

  20. avatar beastachu's youtube subscriptions says:

    Man Scores BIG With Forgotten Bitcoin Investment

  21. avatar Abnormal Wrench says:

    That is just as true under the gold standard, it is a promise by the state
    to support their currency. Pointing out the state may not always make good
    on that is equally true with or without the gold standard. However, bitcoin
    doesn’t even have that. The only thing promising the value is fulfilled is
    faith in a math algorithm and faith in no one cheating. Governments have a
    huge incentive to keep everyone confident in their currency, so I’d say,
    out of the two, state currency is way safer.

  22. avatar Urhoboman5 . says:

    Confused! Did the guy get 886,000 DOLLARS or 886,000 Bitcoins???

  23. avatar Kevin Nemrava says:

    IF TYT knew what bit coin was, they would likely support it

  24. avatar Soso baros says:

    Damn,im just not this lucky.

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