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December 17th, 2014 | by BTC News

Safello brings Bitcoins “across the pond” into the UK
Bitcoin is no longer a fad." A PhD student and voracious reader based in Stockholm, Claire Ingram is interested in open innovation, co-creation, start-up funding, public policy and pictures of puppies on Reddit. You can contact her on Twitter @Claire_EBI.
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10 startups to watch in 2015
It now works with big names in tech like Reddit, Lyft and TaskRabbit. It started out 2014 by … "I couldn't explain the whole concept of Bitcoin to someone in a pitch and also get them to invest," he told Mashable in an earlier interview. But at the …
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Newegg Thinks "Bitcoin is Going Mainstream in 2015"
newegg In a recent blog post on the Newegg Unscrambled official blog, Newegg web editor Ivan B. wrote candidly on why he believes that Bitcoin is going to hit the mainstream hard in 2015. For many, the impact of Bitcoin on the coming year won't be a …
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